1 week healthy diet plan

Proper diet can only be consumed either by a nutritionist or someone who is passionate enough to learn about food. What now raises in our minds is that “How to develop healthy eating habit?” Healthy diet plan is not so complicated, but requires a bit attention. This article contains the following;

  • Introduction to healthy diet plan
  • List of foods
  • 8 healthy diet facts
  • Benefits of healthy diet plan
  • Healthy diet plan from day 1 to day 7

Introduction to healthy diet plan

I remember how confused my days were when i was gaining weight day by day. I am neither a nutritionist nor a health consultant, but with the start of my website, i learnt a lot and wish to share everything about it.

Healthy diet is a diet that not only makes you happy, but helps you opt healthy life habits. Preferring healthy diet is something that makes you confident, beautiful and wise. Consuming proper combination of food helps you maintain properly toned body, healthy and glowing skin and a lot more.

List of foods

Planning to opt a healthy diet plan? You need to be attentive!

(Note; not every food in the world is healthy.)

  • Red meat, white meat (All that contains unsaturated fats)
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits

Junk food is not allowed!

8 Healthy diet facts

  • Consuming a particular food does not contribute to good health. Hence, eating a wide variety of food ensures that you get everything that helps in fighting diseases. (In any way, your concentration need not to be limited. Let variety of food limit your exposure to substances that are present in particular food.)
  • You are allowed to eat everything you wish too, but for high- calorie foods, it is important to make portions. Over- eating has never proved to be beneficial. This is why it is better to portion your food so that the calorie added to the food can be double or triple.
  • Eating plenty of produce in different colors can be healthy. Must add green, red, orange, blue/purple and yellow produce to your diet. Choose to eat more fruits. (The nutrients and fibers available within these food helps fight many dangerous diseases, such as cancer.)
  • More of the whole grains should be a part of life. It is considered that at least half of your grains should be whole grain. Whole grain items include; wheat, barley, oats. (When purchasing, look for the products that are labeled 100% whole grain.)
  • Avoid refined grain, added sugar. Foods that are produced out of refined grain, such as bread, pasta, etc. contains no dietary fiber. Limiting these is a healthy life tip.
  • Foods that provide unsaturated fats such as; nuts, fatty fish, avocados and vegetable oil should be enjoyed. These further helps reduce heart diseases.

Research shows that these foods are no doubt high in calorie, but does not contribute in gaining weight.

  • Animal fats is to be limited as it boost level of cholesterol earlier than expected. Try replacing saturated fats with good fats.
  • Eliminate tans fat for a minimum time period. Consumption of trans fat may cause heart disease, raises the chances of boost in cholesterol.

Benefits of healthy diet plan

Following a healthy diet plan has various benefits. Some of these are as follows;

  1. Lower chances of quick weight gain.
  2. Properly toned-up body is easy to achieve.

Healthy diet plan from day 1 to day 7

 healthy diet plan

Day 1-

Morning; Spinach loaded omelette + tea

Afternoon; Chili spiced chicken salad + GT

Evening; 3 Oranges & peanuts

Dinner; Lettuce vegetable wrap + GT

Day 2-

Morning; Cinnamon, raisins oatmeal with low fat milk

Afternoon; Black chickpea kebab + green salad + GT

Evening; Coffee with low fat milk

Dinner; Mix vegetable spicy soup

Day 3-

Morning; Strawberry+banana+almonds smoothie

Afternoon; Spicy veggies oatmeal + GT

Evening; Small cups of boiled masala peas

Dinner; Chicken tikka with GT

Day 4-

Morning; 1 date, 2 boiled egg + tea

Afternoon; Chicken corn soup with green salad

Evening; Handful of roasted gram

Dinner; 2 loakie’s kebab with GT

Day 5-

Morning; Boiled chicken omelette roll

Afternoon; Protein packed mix daal with salad and GT

Evening; Orange or green juice

Dinner; Brinjal or green laoki raita + GT

Day 6-

Morning; Low fat yogurt with pear and almonds in it

Afternoon; Boiled cauliflower + white chickpea salad + GT

Evening; Tea + wallnuts

Dinner; Lobia’s salad with mix veggies.

Day 7-

Morning; Regular size apple with a glass of milk

Afternoon; Sliced watermelon and two glasses of water

Evening; Apple

Dinner; Sliced cantaloupe and a guava


When planning to lose weight, make yourself avoid banana. Ready to help yourself follow a healthy diet plan? Want to share any health hack? Please write down in the comment box below!

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