10 Simple yet effective ways for college girls to lose weight

Losing weight in college is a serious issue. According to research it has been found that about 70% of college students gain weight during college. Students gain an average of 12 to 37 pounds by college graduation, and studies show the percentage of overweight students in class increases from 18% to 31%.

This is because fattening snacks and sugary drinks are widely and readily available through vending machines and cafeteria.

In this article, I have shared 10 amazing tips to lose weight for those who want to lose weight;

1) Drink green tea

Tea is regarded one of the healthiest beverages you can drink second of water. Due to small amounts of caffeine present in green tea power up your morning and get you energized. Green tea is most widely consumed beverage in the world. This tea is a health booster that makes this tea well worth a drink.

An antioxidants called catechins, in green tea make the body more effective at burning fat. This resulted in weight loss.

2) Black coffee

lose weight fast

According to medical researchers coffee have a non-stop, ongoing relationships with them. Non one agree to accept whether coffee is healthy or not.

Let me clear you the fact that black cup of coffee without creamer and sugar is nothing but a cup full of antioxidants with countless health benefits. Black coffee is also considered for quick weight loss remedy. 10 to 29% people lose fat by drinking black coffee and 3 to 11% coffee can help boost your metabolism.

3) Get more sleep

lose weight fast

If you need to maintain a healthy weight and want to keep the pounds off, you should have a good night of sleep.

When people comes to weight loss, they underestimate the benefits of a good night’s rest. This is wrong, studies have shown that poor sleep strongly increases the risk of obesity in both adults and children.

If you want to lose weight fast, have better sleep because it is associated with less weight gain and controls the metabolism of glucose. Indirectly good rest gives you better energy, keeping you in a good mood and keeping your weight in check.

4) Limit fruit juice

lose weight fast

Many people think fruit juices are healthy and do not increase weight. But this is not true, Fruit juices are one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase pounds. These are sugary drinks and non-healthy. According to studies, sugar in liquid form is actually worse for the body than in solid form. You should limit fruit juice to lose weight fast.

5) Go for smaller portions

lose weight fast

If you are on diet and want to lose 5 pounds in one month. Make a habit to calculate how many calories are in a food you’re about to eat. You should be mindful of what an average serving size should be in your meal.

This tracking an amount of foods you eat won’t only help you keep track of your total calorie intake, but it can also help in lose weight fast by reducing your overall calorie intake.

6) Eat More Fiber

lose weight fast

Having fiber in your meal also help to lose weight fast. Everybody knows that vegetables and fruit are a good amount of fiber. But the question is, if you are eating these than why you don’t choose the healthiest kind- high fiber food l like pear, avocado, purple passion fruits, brussels’ sprouts etc. These will keep you feeling fuller longer after eating.

According to study people who eat more vegetables and fruits tend to weigh less and better manage their weight over the long term.

7) Cut out sugar

lose weight fast

Sugar is also a possible reason for gaining weight. Cutting sugar out of your diet help reduce your weight, especially limit fructose intake from their daily diet to about 25 grams per day. You should consume most of the fructose from fruits, not processed, packaged foods.

8) Take the stairs

lose weight fast

To burn calories, taking the stairs few times a day is a great way to burn off.  To lose weight fast walk up the stairs at a moderate speed. You will burn about 5 calories per minute for 120-pound person and 9 calories a minute for a 180 pound person.

Other additional benefits are strengthening and toning up your legs, getting rid of your thigh fat, cellulite and extra sluggishness in your posteriors and also gluts muscles.

9) Drink more water

lose weight fast

Drinking more water will not only keep you hydrated, but also make you feel fuller. Do you know about 60% of our body is made up of water. That is the reason water is necessary for better health. Water helps you reduce weight at both times, before exercise and before meals.

When you intake water before exercise, it could boost your metabolism by 24 to 30% over a period of more than an hour, which could help you burn additional calories. While drinking water right before your meal improves health. This is because water can actually reduce the total number of calories the body absorbs during a meal. It helps to lessen the load of caloric intake and thus encourage weight loss.

Whole fruits and vegetables are also the source of water intake.

10) Exercise with a partner

lose weight fast

Exercise with partner encourages you to work out more, increase accountability and improve your performance. An aerobic activity like running and cycling is best performed when we exercise with a partner. If you go on pushups, planks and squats, these are all great partner exercises.

Having partnered during exercise increases competition and boost performance. So if you are planning for weight loss, get a partner.

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