15 Best tips that can help pregnant women stay cool during summer

An expected mother faces many problems like back pain, constipation and other common skin related problems. Apart from frequent hot flashes can make things even worse in pregnancy. Hot temperature makes physical discomfort and makes the sensitive skin of the pregnant women prone to more sweating. This can give rise to a number of skin problems as well.

 pregnant women stay cool during summer

Physical health and mood has a direct effect on the unborn baby, that’s why it should be better and well-being. Staying cool during summer help you for better mood and physical wellbeing of the expecting mother. Cough and cold cause due to sweating. It is best to follow some in-home measures to stay cool during pregnancy. You should make changes in your lifestyle and diet to have effective and positive results. These are some important tips to stay cool during pregnancy this summer.

15 tips you must know;

1- You should wear loose fitting cotton clothes during summer pregnancy. The best quality cotton and linen materials also absorb the excess sweat and keep the skin dry.

2-Colors also help to avoid discomfort of hot temperature. White and light shades should be used during summer to stay fresh.

3- Colors like black can make you feel even hotter during summer because it absorbs all the light frequencies.

4-You should wear thin, but covering clothes during this time of the year. The gives an added layer of protection on the body and covered you from the outside heat and helpful to keep the body temperature low.

5- The Right kind of diet is very necessary for a pregnant woman because your diet has a serious impact on your body heat

6-Leafy and green vegetables in your diet instead of junk foods supply a good dose of water and fiber to the body.

7-Water in vegetables can be most helpful to keep the body cool from inside and the fiber in vegetables help in keeping the digestive system healthy. These can be helpful to avoid over heating of the body.

8-To stay cool, pregnant woman should consume vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd and other seasonal vegetables. These vegetables can be ideal for the expecting mothers during summer.

9-Pregnant women should avoid fried and oily foods certainly produce more heat during digestion.

10-An adequate amount of protein is very important for the expecting mothers to consume in their daily diet. Consuming meat, eggs or chicken regularly can be a cause of more heat generation in the body, so have plant protein instead of animal protein like lightly boiled or grinded pulses, grains, seeds and nuts.

11-Have lots of fresh juices, as it provides energy, the essential nutrients and also help in keeping the body temperature low.

12-Drink more and more water at frequent interval. It helps in keeping the body cool from inside and prevents dehydration. Water also keeps you at small meal and controls body temperature.

13-Exercise is very necessary in pregnancy but in order to stay cool during summer, cut back on exercise for the time. Just do yoga to stay fit.

14-Do not indulge yourself in the cool air of an AC. To lower the body temperature and to get relief from heat, keep a few water soaked washcloths in the freezer and put these cold wash clothes on your forehead and belly.

15-You should use sandalwood powder to control excess heat during summer

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