4 most common bust enhancement exercises you should do

The desire of having bigger boobs is nowadays very common among ladies. Due to this reason, breast implants industry has gone over the charts with a skyrocket speed. Most of us cannot afford this luxury, but that doesn’t mean that your desire can never be fulfilled. Market is entirely flooded with bust enhancement pills and creams. They all claim to increase breast size in the shortest possible time. But, these artificial ways can be dangerous.

Because you don’t exactly know what is inside the artificial creams and pills produced, the better option is to go for the natural way for bust enhancement. There are plenty of foods and exercises which can help to make you go one cup size higher. So let’s jump right in to talk about 4 common exercises which can be a great help for the bust enhancement.

Common bust enhancement exercises

Cobra pose

bust enhancement exercises

Being one of the most popular exercises, yoga is mainly a practice in order to attain peace. However, that’s not just the positive aspect of the yoga. Thus it could also help you to develop your breast naturally while relieving your stress. For starters, yoga exercise could help your breast to increase, but it depends on the fact which yoga pose you chose to perform. Each pose will allow you to stimulate the fat and glandular tissues in your breast. Likewise the muscles that supports your breast will become more firmly and strong. The main purpose of cobra pose is to strengthen your muscle and make your chest look bigger. In order to perform this pose, you should start by lying down on your stomach and make sure your legs and feets are straight as possible. Then placing your palm on the floor, keep them on the sides of your shoulders as well. Your elbows should be pointing back. Then try your best to relax your entire body as you raise your neck slowly. Lift your upper half of your body with the help of your palms as higher as you can, keeping your legs straight on the ground and exhale. Repeat this step for 2 to 3 times.

Joining hands

bust enhancement exercises

Bending arms and pressing palms against each other is beneficial for various parts of the body. Holding for 10 seconds and relaxing helps in increasing size of the breast. After 10 seconds repeat by switching hands. This is one of the simple exercises which you can do at any point of time. The benefit of this exercise is that it will strengthen the pectoral muscles and lifts breast.

Push up

bust enhancement exercises

Push up plays a vital role when it comes to bust enhancement or increasing breast size. For this exercise to work , it is important to ensure that you are following the correct way. Lay start on your belly. Place your palms on the floor and bends your elbow at you shoulder level. Now, lifting yourself up with the help of your palms, get into a plank kind of position. For this, you will have to slowly start to lift up and down your body with the help of your palms. If you find it difficult, you can also rest on your knees and then follow the same steps. You should do this for at least in 3 sets of 5 repetition regularly. This exercise will open your chest muscles and give the appearance of bigger boobs which are shaped beautifully.

Against the wall

bust enhancement exercises

This exercise will require you to stand two feet away from the wall. Then place your palms on the wall at about your chest level. Now, lean towards the wall so that your forehead could touch the wall. Finally, use your palm to get back to your position. This works like push ups and most of the time we call it standing push ups. This increases breast size and make boobs look perkier.


In comparison to implementing artificial ways for growing boobs instantly bigger, i always recommend my readers and followers to apply simple home remedies. Feel like sharing your experience regarding any of the above mentioned exercise? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!

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