5 effective ways to get rid of white pimples on face

Where lemon juice and toothpaste are sound pimple treatments, I make sure that you are aware of other suggested remedies including tea tree oil, aspirin and peroxide. Among the herbal treatments, green tea detoxifies systems and prevents acne. For nasty swellings, banana peels also work wonder. White pimples on face are similarly irritating like acne. Milia or white pimples are caused due to improper diet, hormonal balance and unhealthy lifestyle.

What are white pimples/milia?

white pimples on face

Keratin filled cysts- white bumps are of two different types namely; primary milia and secondary milia. Primary milia is caused due to the improper development of the oil glands in the body whereas secondary milia is because of the trauma to the skin. Milia is also caused due to the excess exposure to the sunlight.

Ways to get rid of white pimples on face

Besides green tea, banana peel, lemon juice, there are many other effective remedies to get rid of white pimples. Following are tips to get rid of white pimples on face;

1- Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood is a natural magic (mostly utilized by Indians) that works wonder. In order to attain benefit out of it, make its paste and apply on the affected areas regularly to see the positive result. Treat white bump on your face with a beautiful aroma.

2- Garlic paste

Garlic is an essential kitchen ingredient with 100s of health benefits. Along with being one of the best solutions to reduce cholesterol level, it is powerful enough to kill bacteria that may cause infection. It’s paste is powerful antidote to pimples. Apply the paste on affected area and leave it overnight if you can bear its smell.

Wash off your face with sandalwood soap to clear the smell of garlic.

3- Tomato pulp

It is an effective herbal remedy to relieve white pimples. Being high in antioxidants, tomatoes are powerful enough to germs in your pimple area.

Tomato face mask is also an amazing home remedy to deal with acne scars.

4- Honey and mustard mask

With an addition of natural salicylic acid, richness of zinc, omega 3 fatty acid, omega 6 fatty acid and vitamin C, mustard works great for treating white pimples. On the other hand honey is rich in antioxidants.

For the mask, take 1tsp of honey and 1/8tsp of mustard powder and make the paste.

5- Clay mask

Multanimitti or fuller’s earth is the key ingredient for making clay mask. It is basically a deep cleanser of facial pores and helps out in getting rid of white pimples on face. Adding few drops of lavender oil can also help in getting a beautiful and relaxing skin.


Other than the above mentioned home remedies, some of the other effective ones are apple cider vinegar, cold water treatment and egg whites. Precaution is also a need. Avoid too much oily food, use of harsh cosmetic and avoid face wash every time you come back from pollution. Want to share any other home remedy for treating white pimples on face? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!

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