5 natural ways to increase breast size fast at home

We all hate Kardashians because they have bigger boobs and bigger butt and undoubtedly they look great. No matter how much we hate them, the desire to increase breast size is a little bit more in the women, This has taken the breast implant industry by storm. There are many breast enlargement or bust enhancement surgeries available in the market, not so easily affordable. Let’s be real, nobody wants a flat chest that gives a vibe of a man. This article covers 5 best natural ways to get bigger boobs without any surgery.

Natural ways to increase breast size

increase breast size

1) Gain a healthy amount of weight:

Your body’s overall fat content largely determines your breast size because they are primarily made up of fat. If you are genetically predisposed for having big breasts (look to your mom or sister for clues) then gaining more weight is probably all you need in order to increase breast size.

2) Include more sources of phytoestrogen in your diet:

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for regulating many female reproductive functions, including the storage and distribution of fat in the breast and hips. For some women, estrogen levels may be little under the normal range. For this, eating food which are rich in estrogen is a much better option then taking it in an artificial way. Examples of phytoestrogen rich food includes; nuts and oil seeds, soy product, whole grain cereal and bread,legumes,chicken,red wine, coffee and tea. These food will help to give you a natural increase in breast size.

3) Build muscle, specifically the pectoralis major muscles:

increase breast size

The breast lies directly under this muscle pair. Sculpting this area through strength training and other breast exercises will not only makes your breast look larger, but firm and perky.

4) Get daily breast massages:

increase breast size

Though this tip sounds like something men made up to increase their chances of getting their hands on a woman’s boobs. But apparently, regular breast massage increases breast size by improving blood flow. This means more oxygen and nutrients for the breast tissue thus stimulating the production of prolactin. There are various breast massage techniques but the proper technique involves long, steady circular strokes from the outside of the breast towards the cleavage. Doing about 300 strokes twice a day is recommended.

5) Onion juice mix:

 bust enhancement

Onions are the simple addition in the remedy for breast enhancement. Prepare a mixture by taking 2 tablespoons of onion juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of turmeric. Apply the mixture on the breast and leave it overnight. Wash it off the next morning. This remedy will not only increase breast size but is also a natural breast lift technique.


These are the all-natural home remedies to enhance your breast size fast. They don’t have any side effects and the best thing is that they are inexpensive. Instead of wasting tones of money in going under the knife for breast enlargement, try these remedies at home. They will take time but will give you the result.

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