6 key reason for delayed period every girl should keep in mind

Pregnancy is not always the reason for having either no or delayed period. As a girl, having periods on time is a blessing and a curse too. Sometimes we are not really ready to keep control on ourselves, especially those mood swings. Bloated stomach is one of the biggest issues and seriously i deal them using simple home remedies. If not pregnant, then why late period is your issue? Want to know about it? Discover your reasons for a late period.

6 key reason for delayed period

Delayed periods have number of different reasons, but the 6 mentioned below are key;

1- Excessive exercise

delayed period

If you are training for marathon or having any other event to take place which requires more than usual exercise, your body is likely to prevent evolution which don’t support a lot of estrogen. Therefore, results in irregular period cycle. Besides exercise, if you are losing major weight, the chances for delayed periods increase.

2- Stress

delayed period

Stress is a root of many major issues a woman faces. One such is delayed menstruation. A poor experience in life causes hypothalamic amenorrhea- a disease in which number of hormones for period are regulated.

3- Birth control

delayed period

If you are not dealing with birth control naturally, then you may face some hard time with delayed periods. The pills utilized for controlling the birth are harmful and therefore welcomes hundreds of side effects.

4- Breastfeeding

Delivered a baby? You cannot ask yourself this question “Why is my period late?”. When you are breastfeeding, it is a natural thing that you might get irregular/ delayed menses. After weaning your child for 6 months, your periods will return within 6 to 8 months.

5- Hormonal imbalance

delayed period

Female sex hormones are out of balance in a condition named, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) that causes cysts on ovaries, preventing ovulation regularly. This may then causes missed periods. Consult your doctor for checking the level of hormones.

6- Schedule change

Change in schedule is a common cause for having delayed periods. If you start working at nights instead of days or vice versa, these led to changes in hormone level. Your periods would get normal when the body accepts your schedule.


Other reasons for delayed pregnancy includes; weight loss, premature menopause, illness, thyroid disorder, etc. Missing period is really a  very sensitive issue and can be dealt with. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment box below!

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