9 surprising foods to help lose belly fats

Belly fat is one of the most embarrassing part of a human`s body that develops due to the consumption of foods that contains foods rich in fats. With an unattractive figure, belly fats increases the risk of high blood pressure, liver diseases and diabetes. In order to lose belly fats, hundreds of home remedies can be opted. A large number of women across the globe are trying to lose weight fast with various diet plans, but those may not be the optimal solution. When planning to lose belly fats fast, one should discover and adopt healthy diet plan and choose to follow regular exercise. Following are 9 surprising foods to help lose belly fats;

lose belly fats

List of foods that helps lose belly fat

  1. Watermelon
  2. Beans
  3. Celery
  4. Avocado
  5. Tart cherries
  6. Cucumber
  7. Tomatoes
  8. Apples
  9. Pineapple


Watermelon is one of the perfect foods that helps reduce belly fats. It contains around 91% of water and eating at the start of meal fills up the stomach without adding huge amount of calories that stops you from taking in more calories.

In addition, this juicy fruit is rich in vitamin B1, B6 and C. Potassium and magnesium are also added to this fruit.

“Drinking two glasses of watermelon juice every day for eight weeks reduces body fats.”


This is one of the best foods to reduce belly fat fast. Different types of bean develops muscles, thereby improving the digestion process. It also helps you keep away from overeating. Beans are an amazing source of soluble fiber that targets belly fat, helps break down the fats so those can get eliminated. Adding them to soups, salads and other side dishes makes them more delicious and exciting.


Celery is a green leafy vegetable, extremely low in calories, contains calcium, vitamin C and fiber that helps lose weight fast. This vegetable contains a natural compound which decreases the risk of ovarian cancer. Drink half glass of celery juice before having meal as it cleans the entire inner system. This veggie can also be added to soup or salad.


Avocado is an amazing food to burn belly fats. The amino acid present in it helps in managing body weight. It is rich in fiber which keeps a person from overeating. The anti- aging, anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties of avocado provides various other health benefits.

Tart cherries

In addition to dealing with significant body fats, tart cherries are also perfect for reducing the level of cholesterol. Its antioxidant properties makes a woman look younger, making her feel better.


It is my favorite. This is one of the most refreshing and low calorie vegetable, filled with up to 96% of water and only 45 calories. It is a great package of minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers. Eating cucumber daily can also gives you glowing skin.


A large tomato contains 33 calories, helps in controlling belly fat. 9-oxo-ODA fights chronic diseases which are associated with obesity. Tomatoes are a great source of nutrients that include, potassium, iron and various other vitamins. Give this healthy food a must addition to your daily diet.


One of the great sources of dietary fiber, phytosterol, flavonoids and a lot more that makes you avoid eating much calories. Apple also include a weight loss compound, namely pectin. It usually makes the fruit more chewing that forms a gel-like substance in the stomach, trapping the dietary cholesterol and fats. It further reduces the risk of colon cancer and makes skin wrinkle- free.

Research shows that those who eat more than 3 apples in a day are likely to lose belly fat fast.


This is one of the tropical fruits that contains enzyme. This compound contains an anti- inflammatory properties which contributes to a flat tummy. Moreover, pineapple contains various other nutrients that provides a large number of health benefits.

When coupled with 30 minutes regular exercise, consumption of these foods will help you maintain a sexy figure. Help yourself lose belly fats by adding those above mentioned foods to your daily diet. Feel free to submit your feedback in the comment box below!

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