Complications with getting pregnant after 35

Pregnancy in older women sounds no more surprising. Almost everyday across the globe, we come to hear news about an old woman delivering a baby. Condition of every woman differs from the other, i.e. some conceive earlier while the others are a bit late. Delaying pregnancy due to no valid reason might not be a wise decision always. This is due to the fact that complications in pregnancies increases with the age. Most of the women trouble getting pregnant after 35. It is not always the age, but health of mother, fetus or both. Getting pregnant after 35 requires one to understand the following risk attached;


Complications with getting pregnant after 35

May take longer to get pregnant

Most of the women when married prefers easy way to get pregnant, but when they get married after 30, it may take longer for them to get pregnant. The reason behind is that a woman is born with limited numbers of eggs that starts decreasing in quantity and quality once she reaches mid 30s. Moreover, eggs of an older woman don’t easily gets fertilized, compared to that of a younger.

Chances of multiple pregnancy are high

With the age of a woman, the chances of having twins or triplets gets high. This may raise difficulty for a woman to raise two together if they are her first pregnancy.

High- blood pressure

A woman, when pregnant is like to have high blood pressure or hypertension that occurs when the arteries are narrowed. This complication makes it difficult for the fetus to receive oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, women getting pregnant after 35 is suggested to go for a regular checkup (even for very small reasons).


Research shows that this complication is common in older women getting pregnant.

Likely to develop gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a kind of diabetes that occurs during the time of pregnancy. Most of the women calls it “baby sugar”. Hormonal changes during the time of pregnancy may cause the body to not use insulin normally. Hence the risk of injuries during the delivery are high when it is left untreated. It is therefore essential to have tight control over blood sugar through proper diet plan.


Pregnancy at 35 also results in following other complications;

  1. Less likely to have C-section delivery
  2. Pregnancy loss is high
  3. Greater chances pre-mature delivery
  4. High risk of chromosome problems
  5. More likely to have low birth weight baby

Getting pregnant after 35 is not always a complicated case. Some women are healthy enough to manage themselves and their babies within their wombs well. Proper care and attention during pregnancy is a must. For a healthy living it is must for a woman to implement natural birth control methods.

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