Here is what Kareena Kapoor did to lose weight

Kareena Kapoor is one of the hottest Bollywood sensation who motivated around hundreds of girls in Pakistan, India and United States to lose weight fast.

lose weight

She has been seen walking and working out regularly post pregnancy. Not only her, but many of well-known Bollywood actresses seems to put all their focus on staying fit and thereby maintaining a perfect figure.

Even if they don’t feel like doing, they are bound by their carrier as they will never intend to lose their market at any age.

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It’s not just about this media’s favorite sensation, but about the entire community that suffer weight gain. In the whole world, females seems to gain weight earlier than a man due to different reasons. Where change in hormone is one reason, overeating, no diet control, lack of exercise and pregnancy are other reasons.

“One you gain a lot of weight, it becomes really difficult to lose weight”

Losing weight is not really a tough job. All that it requires is effort. The more strength you keep in, the earlier you will be able to lose weight fast.

The basic need of your weight loss plan is patience as said by Kareena’s dietician;

lose weight

As we are aware that 80% of our weight is dependent on the food we eat, the first step we need to take is to plan our diet. Though it is tough, but not impossible. Stay focused!

Your desire for fat to fit is not really far anymore. Just do these three things regularly to lose weight and feel the change!

  • Eat less, but healthy food
  • Give 30 minutes to your workout regularly
  • Walking 35 minutes is a must.

Get up, start walking and become whatever you wish to. Enjoy this life to the fullest!

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