Before we dive into the types of testing, let’s note that healthcare projects are just beginning to transition to Agile. However, the results of those who have already implemented it exceeded expectations: increased transparency of processes, employee motivation, productivity and speed of delivery of solutions to the market. Here’s how ScrumTrek assesses company intentions when implementing Agile. Achieving these goals […]

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plastic surgery

The strangest and most fashionable plastic surgery

  Plastic surgery does not stand still – the beauty industry adjusts to consumer preferences, which in turn change depending on fashion. In the old days even surgeries like breast augmentation looked rather bizzar, but boy have we come a long way from those times. People are getting really out there with surgeries. For example […]

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express entry canada requirements

Canada’s top arising occupations for 2021

Canada’s workforce keeps on being in an incredible situation to invite newcomers. With a current high occupation opening rate, there is a significant interest for talented laborers to fill the accessible positions. A new report from LinkedIn traces the top Canadian arising occupations that we will see flourish in the new year, with the tech […]

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