11 Foods Help Reduce Prickly Heat

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Heatstroke across the globe is killing a large number of people. In summers, the most irritating thing that the body have is prickly heat. Besides looking awful, it gives a prickling itchy feeling that then results in heat rashes. This is no doubt a serious discomfort to anybody. Prickly heat rashes are caused mainly due to humidity and high temperature that may also appear during the winter season.

Having tendency of getting prickly heat rashes requires precautions as soon as the change in weather knocks.

Prevention is better than cure.

When summer knocks the door and you know that prickly heat is common, it is high time that you get to know the best tips to get rid of prickly heat. I don’t believe in people who say there are ways to get rid of prickly heat rashes overnight. Treatment takes time if it is a good one!

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This article shares some simple yet effective home remedies to get rid of prickly heat. These remedies help in absorbing excess heat and calming down the irritated skin. Follow the tips below to keep prickly heat in control.

Foods to reduce prickly heat

Ridge gourd

A green vegetable that becomes a wonderful choice for summers. It is rich in essential nutrients and comes with a lot of water. It can digested easily and thereby helps in lowering the body temperature with its high water and micronutrient content.

Bottle gourd

Coming to the food that reduces body temperature, bottle gourd is one of the best foods that help in healing prickly heat rashes quickly. It may not be a preferred choice of a large number of people, but its benefit does not make the body ignore it.

It is up with a lot of water, fibers and many essential which helps the body in being healthy by controlling the body temperature. In the hot summer, this is one of the foods that can help body stay cool inside.

White rice

White rice can be considered as a great choice, especially when it comes to reducing prickly heat by lowering the heat generated in the body. It provides cooling effect to the body, making digestion easier. Replacing complex carbs with simple carbs in your diet can help lower body temperature, thereby controlling prickly heat rashes.

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Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth is a quick relief provider from the itchy sensation on the body. It calms down the rashes and help get rid of prickly heat overnight. For the purpose of application, prepare a thick paste of fuller’s earth and water. Apply on the heat rashes and leave it overnight. Remove the pack with a cotton cloth when going to sleep and wash in the morning.

Potato pack

The cooling and calming effect of potato offers relief from summer prickly itch. Application of a thick potato pack on the heat rashes can be very helpful. To prepare the paste, smash a potato and apply directly on the affected areas. It helps in cooling down the itchy sensation immediately.

Calamine lotion

These lotions are easily available on a retail store shelve and proves to be effective from getting rid of prickly itch overnight. Application of thick lotion before going to bed gives a positive result.


In order to lower body heat naturally, radish can be considered as a good pick among all common vegetables. With richness of vitamin C, it is high in water content which easily lowers down the body temperature. Moreover, it helps in digesting the food easily. Adding radish juice or radish in any other form in your diet can help in getting rid of prickly heat.

Water melons

Melons are one of the best summer fruits that fulfill the need of water within the body by lowering the body temperature. These are store houses of essential minerals and vitamins which helps in keeping the body cool.


One of the other summer fruits that can help in getting rid of prickly heat immediately. This juicy fruit is a great source of vitamin C, fiber as well as water, help in keeping the body cool from the inside.

Cold milk

Drinking a glass of cold water is the best way to control excess body heat, thereby reducing prickly heat rashes. It is a great source of nutrients as can negate effects of excess heat.


Adding cucumber in your daily diet is one of the wise decisions as it has the power to fight prickly heat. Being rich in water and other micro-nutrients helps in lowering the body temperature. It further helps in digestion, thereby generating more heat in the body.


Miraculously, there are many other ways to deal with prickly heat rashes. Poppy seeds, aloe vera, sour curd and juices are also some other effective home remedies. Undoubtedly, heat rashes are terrifying and could be prevented as is considered as a painful infection on the body. Follow some of the tips below;

  • Wear loose cotton clothes in summer season.
  • Drink more water.
  • Shower your body every single day.
  • Change your clothes frequently.
  • Eat the right food.

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