31 Beauty Tips You Should Keep in Mind

31 Beauty Tips You Should Keep in Mind


Your beauty is the only things that gives a boost to your confidence. I can prove it right here. They say “first impression is the last impression”..so how to leave your first impression towards the audience targeted?? It is so common that your face, dressing sence and hairstyle represents you when you meet a new person. I always make sure that I m updated when I meet new people even in my friend’s circle. Hence, beauty tips are crucial to learn for a healthy living.

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I think I proved it😉

Let’s now rush for some effective 31 beauty tips to be followed.

31 Beauty Tips You Should Keep in Mind

30. First of all, minimal use of makeup in summers.

29. Whiff your eyes with raw potatoes.

28. Contour your face with foundation in three dimensions.. Highlight the areas of face that are more likely to catch light.

27. Most noteworthy, use no more sponges as they soak too much of makeup within them. This results in an end to expensive makeup earlier than expensive.

26. Solidify your eyeliner so that it last long. Experts recommend to freeze eyeliner for about 15 minutes before applying.

25. Apply false eyelashes to give your face a perfect look. Else, prefer growing eyelashes natural using castor oil.

24. Make use of bottling tissue to remove excess oil on either face or any over makeup from eye area. Apply concealer to make the area with others.

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23. Shave off your legs and arms using conditioner. Applying conditioner on the hair area  and then shaving it off will give you smooth and glowing skin.

22. Rinse your hair with vinegar as it helps moisturize the scalp and lock it for a longer time period. The application process is quite simple, just soak your hair in vinegar and rinse away with cold water. Vinegar also helps in attaining shiny hair.

21. Avoid using heat for making hairstyles. Get your hair curled up using natural remedies.

20. Massage an ice cube all over your face every alternate day.

19. Wipe your nail with a cleanser for allowing your manicure to last long.

18. Apply sunblock at every time (either the weather is sunny or cloudy).

17. Massage bio oil all around your elbows to make them clean and softer.

16. Give volume to your hair using a blow dryer and a round brush.

15. Say no to overly cheeks.

14. Maintain a healthy diet plan for the glow on face.

13. Get your brows updated every time.

12. Use organic toothpaste to get relief from pimple.

11. Drink a glass of hot water in the morning (Don’t forget adding honey).

10. Apply glycerine and rose water (mixed in equal quantity) on your lips to keep them moisturized.

9. Don’t color your hair if they are naturally in any good color. Be simple..

8. Apply light exfoliater to prevent dead skin.

7. Wear clothes that suits your body. Tight clothes will help you highlight your major body parts .

6. Put your feet in hot water and allow yourself sit back straight and release some stress.

5. Cut two cucumber slices and place them over your eyes. As a result, this will help reduce dark circles.

4. Apply any lotion prior to tweezing.

3. Apply dry shampoo on your hair as it helps in controlling oil on your scalp.

2. Must apply moisturizer in the morning (especially in winter season) and get a smooth skin.

1. Use soft makeup brushes when applying makeup. Hence, this  results in no itching.

0. Finally use a clean, much as fresh and soft towel to clean your face.

Great you are almost done! Maintain a fresh and glowing skin everyday using few tips mentioned above. Don’t forget to share many other tips in the comment box below!

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