4 Key Solutions to Deal with Postpartum Depression


Where having a baby is a blessing, most of the woman face postpartum depression. Postpartum is not very uncommon amongst few mothers. Feeling worthless, sadness and frequent spans of crying after giving birth to a child are known as baby blues, directly related to the changed hormonal levels in the body. The signs of postpartum depression may vary from one mother to other. In some woman, these this may take a form of serious depression. This is why it needs to be treated at an early stage with proper comfort, care and of course medicine and counselling.

Causes of pregnancy depression

When a woman is pregnant, the two reproductive hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are high in the body. These come down within 3 days of the birth of a child. This rapid drop affects the hormonal balance that triggers the depression. It is not clearly known yet. Baby blues, depression and psychosis are three forms that are developed within 4 weeks of the delivery. Least number of women suffers postpartum psychosis which is extremely serious and attaches high risk of suicide. This may happen within 2 days or 2 weeks after the birth of child.

Symptoms of postpartum depression

Following are the signs of postpartum depression;

  1. Inability to sleep
  2. Severe mood swings
  3. Extreme anxiety
  4. Thoughts of suicide
  5. Excess anxiety
  6. Restlessness
  7. Continued sadness
  8. Hopelessness
  9. Excess fatigue
  10. Withdrawing from baby and from partner

Solutions to deal with postpartum depression

Following are the 4 key ways for the treatment for postpartum depression;

  • Sufficient sleep

Body of a woman might take long time to recover. Proper routine should be followed for recovering earlier than the expected time period. Sleep is the best way to face sadness, mood swings and much more. Calm down your nerves and cure mental ailments.

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  • Exercise – a powerful habit

It might not be ideal for a new mother to go for light freehand exercise. Slow running and walking can help you treat your depression. This will make you naturally feel good within your body.

  • Pamper yourself

It may be difficult to pamper yourself with a new born baby and a body still healing. Besides going for shopping, there are many ways via which you can pamper yourself at home. Listen to your favorite music, take bubble bath, read books and much more you like.

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  • Share all negative thoughts

Fight all your negative thoughts with your partner to get rid of it. If you are not comfortable sharing with your partner, choose anyone else other than your partner. You sister or mother van help you in overcoming this depression. If needed, get immediate help rather than suffering alone.

This depression might be harmful for your own kid. It is therefore crucial to deal with after birth depression.

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