5 Surprising Fruits to Gain Weight Fast

5 Surprising Fruits to Gain Weight Fast

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As compared to vegetables, fruit contains three times more calories that makes them useful to gain weight fast. Where some fruits are more juicy and fibrous, they fill you up earlier, not allowing you to eat more calories. Starchy fruits and avocados contain healthy form of fats that helps gain weight. If your aim at this time in life is to gain weight, increase your intake of calories on a regular basis.  Eating up to 500 calories per day can help increase 1 pound in a week. This article can help you discover 5 surprising fruits to gain weight fast. Ready to learn? Must give it a read!

Fruits to gain weight fast

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are non- messy and are a convenient to consume as a snack. These are mostly a part of diet during winter season. The best part is that they do not fill up stomach so fast, as a result of which the calories in them can be focused upon.

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Amount of calories in dry fruits are as follows;

  • Cup of raisin = 435 calories
  • 1 date = 66 calories
  • Cup of dried apricots = 313 calories
  • Cup of fresh grapes = 105 calories

Avocados & Olives

Both of these fruits contain healthy monounsaturated fats that makes them higher in calories. Despite of the fact that avocados are eaten like a vegetable, its a fruits containing hundreds of calories to help gain weight. Along with providing wealth of nutrients, avocados also includes; potassium, vitamin E and folate.

Olives are also fat- containing fruits, contains 10 calories and a gram of weight. You can consume it by adding into sandwich, burgers, etc.

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One of the best fruit to gain weight fast is by eating banana. It is a high- calorie fruit that improves haemoglobin production, thereby helps in increasing weight.

Grapes & Mango

Raisins as compared to its fresh fruit version are high in calorie. Where a cup of grape offer 104 calories, raisin provides 493 calories.

Mangoes are known as the king of fruits, with the power to increase weight when consumed regularly. It is rich in nutrients and calories that doubles the benefit mango provides. Choose organic mangoes for healthy weight gain.


Figs contain high- calorie content that can be added to salads in order to make it one of the best fruits to gain weight fast. Add it to your daily diet for achieving its maximum benefits.

Final Word:

Beside those mentioned above, there are many fruits that can help gain weight. Want to share any? Feel free to do so in the comment box below!

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