5 Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Women

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Breast cancer in women is a life-threatening disease that is now talked about publicly. Diagnosing breast cancer is hard and requires a lot of money. In most of the countries, breast cancer awareness month takes place after every 6 months that forces woman at large to get their breast screening. Research shows that out of 8, 1 woman gets diagnosed of breast cancer. In order to limit the risk of breast cancersymptoms of breast cancer in women is the most essential thing to discover. This article shares 5 early signs of breast cancer in women, people rarely talk about.

Monitor your boobs every day to prevent breast cancer as early detection is the key to survival.

Symptoms of breast cancer in women

1- Formation of a lump

The appearance of any bump or lump is a key symptoms of breast cancer in women. It therefore requires investigation. Sometimes the lump already developed cannot be seen outside, but felt inside. The lump of breast cancer is often hard and small just like a lemon seed. Get your screening done as soon as you see or feel the lump.

2- Orange peel skin 

Change of texture is also an early sign of breast cancer. These are sometimes too small to be investigated using a mammogram. In case you feel difference in texture of your breast, immediately go for a test.

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3- Retraction of nipples

Nipple retraction is the pulling back of nipples in to the breast which can also be considered as a symptom of breast cancer in womenWhen feeling retraction, go for the test to discover if this is due to the small tumor.

4- Redness on the breast

Where anything unusual on the breast skin takes place, it becomes a sign. Redness may be due to itching. Any unusual feel or redness on the breast part is a sign that should not be ignored.

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5- Fluid out of nipples

Woman only gets milk out of her nipples when she is either pregnant or on breastfeeding. Any other kind of fluid or waste out of the nipple is dangerous for the health as this is the sign of breast cancer.


Other than the above mentioned symptoms, growing veins, difference in the pair and skin erosion are also the signs of breast cancer. The best way to deal with it is to discover them at the earliest stage.

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