5 Ways to Deal With Severe Sinus Headache

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Headache is one of the common pains, a person suffers. It can be from mild to serious, i.e. can become life-threatening for a person. The treatment of headache sometimes depends on what causes it. Problem of sinus leads to headache that can also be severe. Severe sinus headache is due to the pressure building up in sinuses when the membranes are inflamed and do not properly secrete mucus. These type of inflammations occur due to sinus infection, infection in upper cases, allergies, etc. Pressure and tenderness behind forehead, cheeks, and eyes takes place during sinus.

During sinus pressure, headache worsens. Following are the symptoms of sinus;

  • Pain in upper teeth
  • Stuffy nose
  • Fatigue
  • Severe fever
  • Sense of not feeling well

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Treating severe sinus headache is easy and is mainly two-fold. There are two step to deal with it;

  • The first is to reduce inflammation within sinuses.
  • Secondly, to ease discomfort and pain.

Home remedies to get rid of severe sinus headache

1- Keep yourself hydrated

In order to treat severe sinus headache, staying hydrated is one of the most important thing. Plenty of fluid can help thin out mucus in the sinuses, making it easier to drain. Once the mucus is out of the body, headache vanishes. In order to check the fluid of the body, check the color of your urine. If the urine is colorless, take this as an indication of your body being hydrated.

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2- Inhale steam

Inhaling steam is one of the best ways to treat severe sinus headache. Inhaling steam will calm down the mucus membrane and clears the congestion in your nose. This reduces sinus pressure that ultimately alleviates headache.

How to do?

In a pan, boil some water and add essential oil to it. Now cover you head with the towel and lean forward. Inhale the steam for as many times as possible. Repeat this after every two hours.

3- Give massage to your sinus region

For quick sinus headache relief, massaging can help a lot. It reduces the dampness by strengthening points along the spleen and stomach. It further assist in stimulating blocked senses that in turn eases sinus headache.

Take 2tbsp of warm olive oil and add few drops of peppermint essential oil. Apply this on your head and nose using your thumb and index finger. Now, gently press your sinus region and continue massaging it for next 10 minutes. Repeat this for 2-3 times in a day.

4- Take apple cider vinegar

The anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the inflammation of mucus, lining the sinuses. Apple cider vinegar thins out the mucus, helping it to drain the congestion. It is rich in various nutrients, helps in boosting immune system.

How to do?

In a cup of warm water, add 2tsp of unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Now, mix a teaspoon of raw honey. Drink for at least 3 times in a day.

5- Avoid triggers

Where there is a severe sinus headache, there are certain things to trigger. Avoiding those triggers can help get rid of sinus headache faster and prevents future problems.

How to do?

  • Ignore allergens that gives you sinus.
  • Avoid electronics.
  • Keep yourself out of polluted air.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

It is always better to try out some of the natural ways to get rid of severe sinus headache. In case you feel no difference in two days, consult your doctor for the relevant medicine. Aspirin is one of the sinus medication, but i never recommend to use it before consulting your health consultant.

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