7 Surprising Ways to Keep your Vagina Happy and Healthy

7 Surprising Ways to Keep your Vagina Happy and Healthy

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You try keeping every part of your body healthy, but did you ever noticed your vagina. Vagina is a core part of the body and therefore should be kept in tip- top shape. Remember that from douching to ditching, there are thousands of misconceptions about how to keep woman vagina happy and healthy? Following are seven surprising ways for you to learn.

Ways to keep girls vagina happy and healthy

In order to learn ways to improve the female vaginal structure, make sure that you implement all the ways as listed below. In case of any serious issue or lack of understanding, consult your health consultant prior to applying.

  • Wear cotton panties

Women vagina always prefer a cotton underwear as the material absorbs the moisture, making it ideal for the lady part. It is better to stay without a panty when in house as it allows the air to pass to the area. Ensure that you do go commando at least to the gym as there are higher chances for germs to arm your vagina. A cotton panty plays a role of an extra-layer between you and the bacterial gym equipment.

  • Work out to help vagina stay happy

Strengthening pelvis floor muscles helps in producing stronger orgasm. Kegels helps in strengthening.

  • Moisturize or lube your vagina

This is one of the crucial steps to make your vagina happy and healthy. Vaginal dryness is no doubt a common issue and can impact you the most if you are taking birth control medication. Lube up the vagina will help you communicate better with your partner, allowing the entire sex process to be more speedy and entertaining.

  • No douching

7 Surprising Ways to Keep your Vagina Happy and Healthy

Vagina requires nothing to be cleaned up. Douching can really not help you out.

“Research shows that the use of intravaginal hygiene products increases the risk of infection and various inflammatory diseases.”

  • Avoid antibiotics as much as you can

Consumption of antibiotics kills lactobacilli that helps in keeping the vagina happy and healthy. In order to reduce the damage, load up on Greek yogurt.

  • Opt vagina soaps

Vagina soaps are usually unscented, plain and gentle and are therefore great for vagina care. Scented body wash does not really suit your skin around vulva. You can also clean up your vagina with lukewarm warm water to keep it healthy.

  • Care during sex acts

7 Surprising Ways to Keep your Vagina Happy and Healthy

Where sex is considered as the most delightful time for the couple, care is also needed. Going from anal to vaginal sex can give rise to various infections. Going from back to front exposes the clear vagina to a host of bacteria and infections are likely to take place earlier than expected.

Where girls vagina are happy, the smile can always be seen on their faces. Want to share any other tip to jeep vagina happy and healthy?

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