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Hi, I’m Maira, “healthy life tips” and my goal is to assist other women to live more naturally through some effective and proven practical tips, health care, beauty, weight loss, bust enhancement, hair care, pregnancy and many more.

Healthy life tips is a complete guide for housewives and independent women who struggle hard to live a joyful, adventurous, healthy and successful life. You can discover the most effective tips, unique ideas and most inspiring words that can assist you overcome the roughest time and hardest life challenges.

By profession, I am neither a doctor, nor a health consultant- I am just a girl who is super passionate about creating a healthy life for my family and others as I am guessing there are many others like me. In point of fact, I have a checklist of things I wish I’d known when I initiated and I love to give those to you. Just enter you email address here and I’ll send it to you. Don’t get anxious at any time as I hate spam more than you do so you can unsubscribe me at any time.

Are you a working woman?

I believe that I cannot change the world alone, but as a group we can. That is what we call women power. Not only are we elevating next generation, teaching them and feeding them, but we control significant food dollars spent across the globe. Hence, my goal is to help improve every lady like me to create a lasting change.

I usually get frustrated when I’m asked whether I work or just sit at home. Regardless of our job description, we as a lady work incredibly hard at every stage of life.  From a single woman to being a mom, there are many things we need to focus on.

That was all about me. Now it’s the time that you should give full attention to yourself.

Official Bio

Maira, the “healthy life tips” is a full time blogger. Her mission with healthylifetips.co.uk is to offer simple, yet effective answers for a healthy life via practical tips, natural remedies and many more. She writes at Healthylifetips.co.uk and can be found on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.