Can Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg cure ED Permanently?

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Viagra pills have dramatically improved the sexual life of males with erectile dysfunction ever since their launch in 1998. The pills overcome the basic deficient in blood flow to the penis to make erection an easy task for a male.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male is not able to get a penile erection even after sexually stimulated. The difficulty in getting an erection and sustaining it leads to severe damage to sexual life. It causes frustrations and depression in males, especially those who are still young and married. Viagra is one of the famous brands of erectile dysfunction medicine. A single dose of Viagra 200 mg online is enough overcome any difficulty in getting an erection. But is Viagra a permanent cure, let us see.

Viagra as a cure for erectile dysfunction

Viagra is a medicine with sildenafil citrate as an active chemical ingredient. The medicine comes under PDE5 inhibitor drugs that are prescribed for males to deal with erectile dysfunction. The chemical suppresses the PDE5 enzyme to help nitrate oxide function smoothly.

Nitrate oxide is released in blood vessels when a man is sexually stimulated. The nervous system triggers the release after brain sends a signal. Nitrate oxide in blood vessels stimulates another enzyme called cGMP, which relaxes and dilates the blood vessels. The relaxed and dilated blood vessels push blood flow towards the penis in greater volume than the normal in male with erectile dysfunction.

The increase in blood flow in the penis makes an erection possible under sexual stimulation conditions. The impact of the drug lasts up to 5 hours. After 24 hours all the chemical of the drug gets removed from the body. A man needs another dose whenever he wants another penile erection for sex.

Viagra overcome erectile dysfunction for a short period

So, Viagra cures or overcomes erectile dysfunction only for 5 hours. Within this period you can have an erection for completion of a sex whenever you desire.  You also can have more than one session of sexual intercourse, as within 5 hours the refractory period is less. But beyond 24 hours, the Viagra has no impact on your erection process.

Thus, it can be said that Viagra only overcome any degree of erectile dysfunction, but cannot permanently cure the erection issue.

Viagra or its generic medicines can only decrease the refractory period

Refractory period is the period between ejaculation and another penile erection. Within the impact period of a Viagra dose, you can get another erection for another round of sexual intercourse without much delay. The presence of chemical in the bloodstream will ensure that you have the blood in the penis for another erection.

Greater Viagra dose for higher to severe degree of erectile dysfunction

Viagra comes in various doses to help you overcome moderate to higher or severe degree of erectile dysfunction. Viagra 150 mg pills are for higher degree of erectile dysfunction cases. However, make sure that any increase in dose is prescribed by the doctor.

Never use a higher dose to get a hard erection. Higher doses are stronger doses to overcome a greater challenge in erectile dysfunction. You need to consult a doctor whenever you change a dose of Viagra medicine.

Viagra also comes in generic versions

Generic versions of Viagra are in same combination of ingredients. The active ingredient is sildenaifl citrate. Fildena 100 mg pills are often substituted for Viagra by males at the affordable costs. The generic medicines come at considerable fewer prices than branded Viagra. These are also available in local market and online stores.

Generic Viagra has same function, efficacy and effectiveness as that of a brand Viagra. The duration period is also same. You need to take same set of precautions as you take in case of Viagra. Another generic medicine of Viagra is Cenforce 100 mg tablet.  Never forget to consult a medical doctor to understand the basic precautions before any such medicine. For a permanent cure you need to get home remedies or improve your sexual health.