Charges You need to Pay for Visiting a Private Consultant

Charges You need to Pay for Visiting a Private Consultant

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Do you need to visit a consultant? If yes, then this is the most important stage of private medical treatment as they can diagnose your condition and decide on the effective treatment course. Your provide GP will write a letter by referring you to a consultant, discussing about the reasons for fixing the appointment, but the consultant will make final diagnosis.

Consultants are specialist doctors who take almost nine years to attain their degree after completing the graduation from a five year medical course. Naturally, these doctors are well trained and highly experienced and it is their salary and private fees that will reflect it. The doctor might ask you to perform cheap private blood tests in London so that he can detect your overall health condition and decide on the right treatment accordingly.

Typical charges to pay a private consultant

A consultant appointment cost somewhere between £100 and £250 based on where you live and nature of your consultation. For example:

  • The consultation charges for carpel tunnel syndrome with Spire Healthcare costs around £200 at a hospital and £180 only at another hospital.
  • The consultation fees for a colonoscopy costs nearly £160 yet the consultation for a back operation charges £250.
  • You may expect to pay significantly more which can be £500 for the consultant works at a reputed private hospital in Central London.

The follow up visits are comparatively inexpensive when compared to initial consultation, however you have to pay for the appointment. Follow up appointments are usually near about £100.

About private consultation

It is important to know that the initial private consultation will be added with the cost of fixed price treatment or surgery. Everyone who needs a consultation will not require surgery and so, it will be charged separately.

You might find that your private medical insurance does not have initial consultation, provide coverage for the operation only and inpatient stay. The same will be applicable for follow up consultations or outpatient appointments that might be included only for costly policies.

Reasons to pay for a private consultant

 The best consultants are free of charge on the NHS and so, why you should pay for almost £200 in spending fifteen minutes of their valuable time. There are several benefits that validate the cost of private consultations and these are the following:

  • No waiting lists– You may visit your consultant soon as you require according to your convenience.
  • More choice– You may select the consultant you want to visit than the one suggested by the NHS.
  • No junior doctors– Though you might have an appointment with the NHS consultant, there isn’t any assurance that you can see the consultant in person and you might be asked to visit one of the junior doctors. So, when you will be paying for a consultant, you can see them in person.

Thus, it is noteworthy to mention that a private consultation might not last for a long time. The private consultants remain extremely busy as they have a tight schedule and won’t spend long time with you than needed. Search strings like, “private doctors near me” will enable you to find a private doctor in your area and get yourself treated on time.