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Dukan Diet, the Best Way to Lose Weight

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Maybe you are one of those who walks around looking for quick solutions to lose weight, so we bring you the Dukan Diet. Many opinions have turned to the Dukan diet, some favorable, others detractors.

This diet conceived by the French Pierre Dukan, a nutritionist, about 4 decades ago, proposes weight loss by a diet based on the intake of mostly protein and structured in four phases.

What is the Dukan Diet

The main basis for weight loss is established from the consumption of protein and the total and then partial restriction of some foods. The consumption of carbohydrates and fats is practically nullified in the Dukan Diet.

The diet proposes a consumption of purely protein “PP” and then the alternation of proteins and vegetables “PV” as well as the elimination of fruits and vegetables. This style of diet opposes the quality of food in counterpart with the quantity; allowing the amount in the intake.

The duration of the diet and the amount of weight to lose are directly proportional. According to the Dukan criterion, once the last of the 4 phases has been reached, it will become a feeding style.

Phases or stages of the Dukan diet

There are four Phases or stages of the Dukan diet of which the first will allow weight loss and the last two are for stabilization and adaptation. In the first stage, the positive incidence of weight loss and diet effectiveness becomes evident.

Attack phase

With an almost expeditious result, it requires the exclusive consumption of protein. The permanence in this phase will depend on the amount of kilos you want to lose, varying from one to seven days in this phase. What is sought is that the organism uses its reserves.

Based on the intake of skimmed meats and dairy products, all of animal origin. It requires light cooking, without the use of oils and the use of vinegars and citrus juices. The consumption of carbohydrates, sugars and vegetables is not allowed. And take a tablespoon and a half of oatmeal.

Cruise Phase

The duration of this phase applies with a 7×1 formula, that is, seven days of permanence in it for every kilo to lose. Weight loss is just as fast as in attack. At this stage of the Dukan diet, vegetables are added, but proteins continue to predominate.

2 tablespoons of oats are added, plus 20 minutes of physical activity.

Consolidation Phase

Pursue the consolidation of the effect and habits, to avoid the annoying rebound or yo-yo effect, it will last at the rate of 10 days per kilogram lost. Foods like cereals, fruits and some carbohydrates can be added.

It will be necessary to make an exclusive protein intake one day a week and add 2.5 tablespoons of oats together with 25 minutes of physical activity.

Stabilization phase

This stage denotes the transformation of habits and therefore the achievement of the effects obtained through the previous three. It will be a new style that should never be abandoned and will need to continue with a day of exclusive protein feeding, preferably on Thursday.

And always adding exercise minutes accompanied by 3 tablespoons of oatmeal.

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