Hair Transplant in Lahore

Hair Transplant in Lahore

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Hair transplant in Lahore is very common these days. It is a technique of surgery which transfers hair follicles from one side of the body to one side of the body. Genetically resistant tissues are transplanted into the bald scalp. This process can be used to recover lost eyelashes, beard hair or fill human body scars caused by accidents and operation.

Being one of the most developed cities of Pakistan, Lahore has many clinics and hospitals which offer this surgery. There are two kinds of techniques commonly offered for hair transplant in Lahore are FUT (follicular unit transplantation) also known as strip harvesting and FUE (Follicular unit extraction).

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The surgeon extracts skin stripes from the back of your scalp, a healthy place for hair growth, during the follicular unit transplantation. Instead, excess fibrous and fatty tissues are deliberately removed when attempting to prevent damage in follicular cells. After that, the surgeons carefully put holes or slits with a needle in a proper pattern and place the grafts in the holes. Those holes heal within 1 to two weeks. FUT leaves a longitudinal scar in the donor region of the recipient, where the hair is hidden.

Follicular unit extraction is a process kind of similar to FUT except for some parts. In it, individual follicular units with 1-4 hair are removed; this micro-removal uses usually small punches with a diameter from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm. After that, holes are put into the scalp and the grafts are placed in the holes. Unlike FUT, small tiny dots are seen on back of the scalp after this process.

Like every other thing, hair restoration has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some advantages:

The hair color is similar to the original hair. After two to three months, Hair usually begins to grow and completes its recovery within seven to eight months. Due to advanced surgical techniques, hair transplant in Lahore is completely safe, natural and painless. In this process, no chemicals or medicines are used that might damage your hair. This surgery is the natural hair cultivation method and its results are so good that most people can’t tell that you had it. The hair you get after this process is very workable so that you don’t need to use any specific chemicals, shampoos or medicines. The hair you get after the surgery is long-term and long lasting. It could regain the confidence of an individual. You can keep it according to your wish. It can be colored, styled, oiled and washed.

Now, some disadvantages:

If hair loss is genetic and someone undergoes the surgery at an early age, hair loss continues and has to be treated after surgery. The success of the surgery depends largely on the quality of the existing area. In Androgenic Alopecia, it is mostly recommended that the person should become aware of a progressive, irreversible disorder.

Hair transplant in Lahore varies from 50,000 to 400,000 rupees, depending on which facility you choose to use; how many hairs are being transplanted; which doctor conducts surgery and which procedure is used. One should always find best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore to get hair restoration surgery for best results.

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