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Besides some really common problems a woman faces such as constipation, back pains, etc. irregular periods, less flow, high flow and period cramps are also popular ones. It is more popular amongst adult women. Problems during menstrual cycle could be a sign of following underlying condition;

  • Overactive thyroid
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalance

In order to normalize irregular periods date, there could be nothing better than using effective home remedies. In case, no remedy suits your body, consult your doctor immediately.

Home remedies to treat irregular periods

Why do I prefer home remedies is due to the fact that it has the least side effects. Getting yourself back to the normal position with regular period dates will not make you go into deep depression. It is just a simple trick and tip one can follow;

More iron and folic acid rich diet

Anemia is considered as one of the common reasons behind irregular periods. Most of the women in United Kingdom suffers iron deficiency that disturbs their menstrual cycle. Planning an iron or folic acid rich diet can help normalize it at the earliest.

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There are times when nothing goes wrong with things around, but due to stress. Overthinking and stressing yourself is never the solution to any problem even if it relates to the internal parts of your body. Take significant amount of rest and enjoy your good mood to maintain a regular menstrual cycle.


Besides being one of the best solutions for dealing with constipation issues, it also helps in normalizing irregular periods. Papaya, especially green papaya works as a strong emmenagogue which assist in proper contraction of muscles fibbers of the uterus. It is more beneficial when the delayed periods are associated with menopause. To see the positive result, eat unripe papaya for a couple of months.

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One of the best home remedies to treat irregular periods is grapes. Having grape juice on a regular basis can help in getting the menstrual cycle better as well as on time. 1 glass of grape juice is beneficial. Excess consumption may cause loose motions.


One of the useful herbs, parsley is best in treating menstruation- related issues like irregular periods. Consuming 1-2 glasses of parsley juice everyday will give you quick positive results.


This is not about getting turmeric powder, but turmeric roots that are more effective. Grinding those root and getting the juice out is a helpful solution to deal with irregular periods date. To consume, mix half a teaspoon of the extracted turmeric juice and mix properly into the glass of milk and add a teaspoon of honey. Drink the solution twice a week.


Wondering how lemon would help? Lemon is a magical ingredient that is utilized as an effective home remedy to treat various health problems. Drinking lemon during the periodic session may also leave an adverse effect. The ideal time to consume lemon water is 5 to 6 days before getting started with periodic cycle.


Other than the above mentioned home remedies, ginger is also one of the effective natural herbs, provides a large number of benefits to the health. Soaked cumin. Fenugreek, raw papaya and a lot more can help in treating irregular periodic cycle.

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