How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

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Even though a menstrual cup is made from silicone grade and is odorless, your cup can develop some odor after several uses. Sometimes the color even change when you have used it several times. Having to know tips and tricks to clean and care for your menstrual cup can save your beloved cup.

Want to know what the steps of washing and cleaning your menstrual cup? Let’s check this out.

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Menstrual Cup Cleaning Steps

1. First and the most important thing of all, wash your hands.

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

No matter how you think your hands are clean, you have to wash it before you touch your cup. It’s the first thing you must do. You don’t want to transfer bacteria from your hand to your vagina.

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2. Second, prepare the stuff needed.

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

You will need a pot for boiling the cup later. My advice is to use an old pot that you don’t use anymore. Because you don’t want to use the same pot to boil foods.

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3. Third, pick your cup

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

If you are going to wash used cup, empty your cup first before boiling it. Rinse it with water. And wash it with unscented soap. Boiling your cup in hot water can help remove unpleasant odor, discoloration, and any bacteria that shouldn’t be there on your cup.

4. Fourth, set the time

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

You can do this once a month after your period is over. Give your cup a solid wash first before storing it away for the rest of the month. And keep in mind you need to set the timer for 5-10 minutes. Don’t boil it too long because you might end up damaging it.

5. Fifth, store it right away

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

After that, let the cup dry by putting it near the sunlight. And store it in a dry place. Saving your menstrual cup in an area that has proper ventilation is essential. Remember to wash your hands after you’ve finished.

If you are in a public place, you can use a sensitive tissue or wet tissue with no scent to clean it. Or use a clean water and wipe it clean.

Menstrual Cup Hacks

Here are some other hacks you can use to clean your menstrual cup

  • Use cold water to avoid permanent stains

Or a discoloration as well. Coldwater can be used as the first routine of your menstrual cup care to ensure the dark tints don’t get set into the cup. After that, you can always boil it or wash it in warm water for cleaning.

  • Rinse it with vinegar

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

Vinegar will naturally sanitize your cup. It can clean and make your cup free of odor. You won’t need to buy a specialized cleanser, or this could be your shortcut whenever you don’t have proper soap. Rinse your cup with the homemade solution made with 1:9 ratio of vinegar and water.

  • Use a toothbrush

A soft and small toothbrush can help you reach a place that is hard to spot. For example, the tiny dots under the rim of your cup. They play an essential role in creating the suction and keep the seal intact. Usually, after some months of use, your cup becomes reddish-brown, and toothbrush can do some magic to your cup. Just brush it under warm water gently.

  • Use baking soda

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

You can use baking soda to clean bacteria that might be left on the cup. It can eliminate unwanted scents. You can drop it in the pot while boiling your cup. Just put a tablespoon and distribute it evenly.

  • Use a lemon solution

There is another alternative than vinegar, and it’s a lemon solution. Lemon juice can also help to get rid of unpleasant odor. You can wipe your cup with lemon juice or soak it for an hour. After that, boil your cup for a few minutes to make sure all the lemon juice is removed, and you are good to go.

  • Use alcohol

Rubbing alcohol to your cup can help disinfect your cup and reduce the smell. It also can sanitize your cup. You can wipe it or soak your cup in. After that, allow it to dry.

Menstrual Cup Tips

How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

Some other tips for caring your menstrual cup

  1. Don’t store your cup in plastic bags or sealed containers. Use a breathable pouch. When your cup didn’t get fresh air, it can lead to uncomfortable scents.
  2. Place it under sunlight to restore the color. A sun can help you resolve the staining issues. However, don’t place it under direct sunlight for too much time.
  3. Don’t wash your cup with harsh chemicals or scented soaps
  4. Don’t wash your cup in the dishwasher because it can damage it.
  5. Don’t wear your cup for too long because it can lead to foul smell. However, if the scent is too strong and you think that there is something wrong with your vagina, maybe it’s time to see a doctor. There might be a vaginal infections or yeast infections.

However, if your cup shows any signs of cracking or splitting or can’t hold your menstrual fluid and keep spilling, it might be a sign for you to change your cup to a new one.

Or if you find your cup having a chalky residue and feels sticky when you touch it, you might need to change it.

All I can say that having proper care for your cup means a longer shelf life. Always read the instructions on the package and consult with your doctor if you have any discomfort.

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