Myths About Invisalign

Myths About Invisalign

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When it comes to Invisalign, we have been able to help a lot of people transform their smile, so we know what works and what doesn’t. There are facts, and there are fictions about this innovative clear aligners. Some persons might be confused, which is why this article is aimed at clearing the air about certain things that may not be true about this orthodontic work.

  • Invisalign cannot move teeth

Clear aligners resemble removable retainers that keep teeth in position after treatment. Based on this similarity, some people keep asking if they can really straighten crooked teeth.

Don’t get it twisted. Invisible aligners are very effective in teeth straightening. Each set of aligners will gradually move your teeth over time by applying gentle pressure in strategic places. Do you know that immediately after getting your aligners fixed, they start working? That’s the power of Invisalign!

  • Invisalign costs more than fixed braces

How much you pay for aligners and braces depends on who is providing them and the patient’s need. Some persons consider Invisalign to be cheaper than fixed braces.

Should you have a small misalignment in your front teeth, your case may require Invisalign Express (a brand of Invisalign) which goes for £2,000 only. To get quotes for all treatment options, just reach out to us. We offer a free no-obligation consultation for Invisalign London at our practice.

  • You can experience a lisp with clear aligners

While this statement may be true, it doesn’t apply solely to clear aligners. Orthodontic work of any kind can affect the way you talk. You may discover that after having your braces installed, your speech pattern changes slightly.

This varies from patient to patient. Some may not experience any lisp at all; others may do but usually get used to it within a few days. This is where practice comes in. Keep learning how to speak with your aligners on. It is important. Our well-informed staff and orthodontist can help you practice speaking with aligners. Even in your private time, you can keep talking and with time take to the aligners.

  • Invisalign gets stained and visibility increases

Since you will be expected to change your aligners every 1 to 2 weeks, this won’t give it time to get stained. Again, you should remove them before eating or drinking, and take good care of your teeth. With this, there would be no problems at all.

To keep your trays in good condition, there are retainer tablets or Invisalign cleaning crystals on the market. Buy them for use in cleaning your aligners. Another recommendation is to brush your aligners gently two times a day with antibacterial, unscented hand soap. After that, rinse them with lukewarm water and allow to dry. Please don’t use hot water to rinse your aligners. There have been cases where trays get deformed from exposure to hot temperatures.

  • Invisalign works for a longer time

Most people believe that clear aligners take a longer time to straighten teeth than traditional braces. However, in many cases, aligners are even faster in shifting teeth. The only thing that can prolong your timeline for treatment is if you lose your aligners, or you don’t wear your aligners for the recommended 20 to 22 hours each day.

The interesting thing about Invisalign is that before your treatment starts, you will see the different phases through which your teeth will be moved, and how long the process will take. Using 3D technology, your orthodontist will give you a pictorial video of your progress and the expected results.

  • Invisalign cannot move teeth vertically

The approach to teeth realignment evolved when Invisalign was first introduced into the dental industry. It is noteworthy to mention that it didn’t have the capability it possesses today. In the beginning, Invisalign could only move teeth in specific directions, and pulling teeth down vertically was not possible.

But amazingly, everything turned around with the introduction of Invisalign attachments. The aligners could now grip onto these small tooth-coloured buttons and achieve more difficult teeth movements. This increased Invisalign’s efficacy in correcting teeth problems like fixed braces. Who knows what other improvements will be made to Invisalign in years to come?

  • Only teenagers can use Invisalign

Clear aligners can be used by everyone; there’s no age limit. In fact, many of our patients who use it are above 18 years. Years ago, teenagers were often treated with braces, but everything has changed now. The latest clear aligners can be used by everyone of all ages since they are designed to be nearly invisible.

This subtle orthodontic device allows our patients to go about daily activities without any problem or being noticed. So, that self-consciousness that comes with knowing you’re straightening your teeth as an adult, and the bullying children and teenagers often face from friends are eliminated. In fact, teenagers and adults now prefer clear aligners to braces because it is inconspicuous.

The joy of it all is that you can remove your aligners and eat that favourite meal or snack and drink with friends.

  • Invisalign and mail-order aligners are the same

You can comfortably order for clear aligners online and perform at-home teeth straightening. Sadly, these devices resemble Invisalign, but they cannot be compared when it comes to efficiency.

The services of a specialist dentist are important in your treatment process so that you can achieve the most out of your Invisalign. When you think Invisalign London, think also of a professional orthodontist that can supervise your treatment.

We do hope that we have been able to help you identify what’s true from what’s not true. Should you have any questions or know of any myth that has not been covered here, you are most welcome to ask or bring it forward.


Invisalign is good for everyone provided you are eligible. Debunk any myth you may have held onto before now. Book an appointment with us at London Braces to have your own set of clear invisible aligners today. We will be happy to be at your service.