Natural Weight Loss Review: The Paleo Diet

Natural Weight Loss Review: The Paleo Diet

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Have you heard of the paleo diet? It’s a great natural weight loss plan that is gaining popularity and helping many people around the world lose weight and get healthier. I would like to share my own natural weight loss review about this diet and a few observations from the many others I know are having success from following this plan.

In my opinion many so called diet programs are difficult to stick to and difficult to maintain over the long term. If you are like me you probably feel the same, spending a large portion of your life yo-yo dieting from one fad to another.

When I was led off stray with my health and gained a bit of weight, I wanted to turn to creating a sustainable lifestyle for myself that I would enjoy, something that would help me lose weight, and something I could stick to long term. I didn’t want to go for a quick fix solution again because really there is no such thing.

The paleo diet removes all grain and grain products, dairy, legumes and beans, sugar, and all process foods. So what you are left with is clean, natural, and real food. It may sound extreme and I’m not going to say it’s an easy transition, especially since we are so used to eating breads, pastas, rice and all sorts of grain filled products.

But once you get past those old habits of eating bread, it’s easier to maintain than you think and the weight loss results are excellent! When you start to eat a diet full of foods that provide your body with the nutrients you need, you stop getting so hungry, your blood sugars even out so you don’t get energy ups and downs throughout the day, and your health improves in so many ways.

Weight loss results are easy to achieve because you are eating all healthy foods, which is what we are meant to do when you think about it! I lost the thirty pounds I had put on in about 4 months. And last week I was just talking to two other people who had both lost over ninety pounds in less than one year!

These kinds of results speak for themselves and there are many more stories such as these.

I also LOVE my food, as I’m sure most of us do! But the thing I love about paleo is that you don’t have to weigh, measure, calorie count, or restrict portions. You just simply eat loads of super healthy fresh foods. Your meals are generally made up of a portion of good quality protein such as chicken, lean beef or fish. You include a pile of vegetables, making sure to select a variety at different meals. And then you include some healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, or homemade dressings. This makes for well-balanced meals that you cam stick to long term.

So if you were thinking about a new weight loss or health pursuit I’d definitely recommend you try the paleo diet.

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