Paleo Diet Plan You Should Know About

Paleo Diet Plan You Should Know About

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Paleo diet is low carb diet or an effort to eat like we used to back in days. It brings us back to our origins that our designed to ingest. This does not include pasta, cereal and candies. You don’t need to hunt for it anymore as these are readily available.

Point to note; In comparison to Mediterranean diet, Paleo diet is more fulfilling and satisfying.

Ready to learn paleo diet plan? Read below!

List of paleo food

Paleo food includes anything you need to find out or hunt for. These include;

  • Meats
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Leafy greens
  • Regional veggies
  • Seeds, etc.

Reasons to eat paleo

Paleo diet plan is not only for those with unhealthy figures. Research shows that healthy people volunteered to stay on short- term paleo diet. This diet plan results in better health, more energy and enhanced longevity.

Study shows that patients on paleo diet plan had less fatigue.

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Further results out of this diet plan include;

  • Maintained blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Waist shrunk
  • Greater potassium and antioxidants

Paleo diet tips

Following are paleo diet tips;

  • Make yourself excited about what you have.
  • Look for items that are least processed.
  • Prefer consuming lean meat, unrefined oils, raw almonds, natural fats, vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, etc.
  • Say no to sugary drinks. These also include boxed juices, sodas and alcohol.
  • Avoid dairy including cheese.
  • Avoid lentils and peanuts.
  • Try to spread- out your meal and allow yourself to eat some healthy snacks if you are unable to follow this strict diet plan.

Honey is not really paleo, but health benefits of honey are amazing. Give this item preference over other sweeteners.

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Paleo Diet Plan

The first week of this diet would be really enjoying. The following table will make it quite simple for you to follow this Paleo diet plan.

Paleo diet plan(Week-1) Day-1 Day-2 Day-3 Day-4 Day-5 Day-6 Day-7
Breakfast Sweet potato hash & fried eggs. Chocolate cherry scones. Green eggs and ham. 2 fried eggs, 3 strips bacon & asparagus spears. BBQ chicken hash with onions & eggs. Savory coconut pancakes topped with avocado and tomato. Salmon collard & sweet potato scramble.
Lunch Magic wings & romantic salad with lime and avocado. Magic wings & creamy mustard brussel sprout salad. Turkey salad. Stupid easy kickin BBQ pulled chicken n green- free rolls. Loaded cauliflower Mac N Cheese. Chef salad with garlic vinaigrette & pot roast beef. Zoodles with shrimp & bacon.
Afternoon snack Dry roasted pistachios. Fresh grapes. Primal crackers. Kiwi & strawberries. Rosemary roasted almonds. Bell pepper strips & guacamole. Cranberry- vanilla energy bites.
Dinner Roasted turkey breast, wilted spinach & cinnamon carrots. Shrimp with tomato & onions. Sweet potato & broccoli soup with grain- free rolls. Paleo pot roast. Turkey pot pie soup. Honey- garlic salmon atop zoodles. Crockpot roasted chicken & gravy with cauliflower- carrot- parsnip puree.

Follow this diet plan for a month to lose weight fast. Feel free to question below regarding this diet plan!

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