Premature ejaculation. Its causes and treatment with medicines and herbs

Premature ejaculation. Its causes and treatment with medicines and herbs

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Premature ejaculation is one of the only common sexual problems that men are exposed to. They’re unable to regulate ejaculation or the flow that happens before or with the onset of intimacy. During this article, we will provide you with a orientate the causes of ejaculation and the best medicines and herbs for treating ejaculation.

How does one know that you have premature ejaculation?

Naturally, men are ready to control the amount of ejaculation during the practice of intimate relationships. Suppose they’re unable to manage the time of ejaculation. In that case, they’re going to suffer from a severe problem, including ejaculation. So you may head to your doctor and ask him about the issues you’re researching to seek out Whether the ejaculation occurs early or late, or not in any respect. Ejaculation is usually diagnosed after a physical exam, having a conversation with you, and answering a spread of questions, including:

How often does one premature experience ejaculation?

How long have you ever had this problem?

Does ejaculation occur with every try to have sex?

How did ejaculation change your sexual activity?

How is your personal life going?

Causes of ejaculation in men

Many reasons designate the occurrence of ejaculation in men. A number of them are organic, and also the other is psychological or emotional, and below, we review a bunch of reasons that justify this problem.

1- Serotonin

Although the precise reason behind ejaculation remains unknown, serotonin may play a job. Serotonin could be a natural substance in your body that’s made my nerves. High amounts of serotonin within the brain may increase the amount of ejaculation. Successively, a decrease within the serotonin amount may shorten the amount of ejaculation or result in ejaculation.

2- Psychological problems

Sometimes psychological problems cause ejaculation, and among the items that result in this problem: depression, tension, feelings of guilt, unrealistic expectations about sexual performance, lack of self-confidence, problems within the relationship. Often, ending emotional issues can help.

3- The age of the person

The problem of ejaculation may occur at any age, but the person’s age isn’t considered one in every one of the direct causes that result in this problem. At the identical time, aging may cause some changes that result in ejaculation or impotence.

4- Your relationship together with your partner

Sometimes your relationship with your partner affects your ability to own an erection; also, because of ejaculation, you’ll feel anger, shame, annoyance. Otherwise, you feel alienated from your wife, so this problem occurs. During this case, ejaculation won’t affect you alone, but it’ll affect your wife at the identical time because she may feel agitated or feel that you don’t love her enough.

What is the treatment for premature psychological ejaculation?

Psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and medications are the most treatments to resolve the matter of ejaculation. It’s preferable to talk along with your doctor to see the most straightforward option that suits your situation, and you’ll resort to over one variety of treatments to induce eliminate this crisis.


Psychotherapy is an effective way to assist treat ejaculation by talking about feelings and emotions, which will cause problems in sexual relations. This kind of treatment aims to seek out the source of the issues and find solutions that will facilitate your solve the crisis.

At the identical time, psychotherapy helps couples learn different and new ways of getting closer to every other, also as getting obviate the stress and anxiety related to sexual relations, because it gives a person more confidence in himself by understanding himself, defining his desires and knowing a way to satisfy his partner.

Behavioral therapy

Behavior therapy uses exercises to assist in accommodating and delay ejaculation. These exercises aim to coach your body and distract your mind from anything that may cause ejaculation.

 the most superficial medications for ejaculation

Various oral medications help improve sexual performance and treat some problems like ED or ejaculation. you’ll take pills to treat ejaculation a day or before establishing an intimate relationship, and sometimes most men with ejaculation have to take these medications continuously, including:


Doctors have noted that antidepressants delay orgasms in men, and a few medications like fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, clomipramine, and tramadol affect serotonin levels to help solve the matter of ejaculation.

Antidepressants may be wont to delay ejaculation, especially as they contain substances that will help delay orgasm and help treat this problem. Among the drugs that have proven effective is paroxetine, and infrequently these drugs need a period of between five to 10 days for their effect of looking to treat this problem, and at other times, their impact may take between two to a few weeks.

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors are sometimes wont to treat this problem, and at the same time, medications that men resort to treating dysfunction will be accustomed to treat ejaculation. Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100 best erectile dysfunction pills to treat impotence.

Creams and sprays

Creams and sprays are used on the penis’ pinnacle about 20 to a half-hour before intimate relationships. Still, you ought to not leave it on for extended than suggested because if you allow the cream or spray on for an extended time, the erection may escape, so wash the cream off your penis 5 to 10 minutes before the beginning of the link Intimacy.

You can also wear a condom, which might facilitate your control.

The best herbs to treat ejaculation

Various styles of herbs are often wont to reach orgasm and treat the matter of ejaculation, including:


A delicious and delicious drink that may be easily obtained within the markets, hibiscus contains antioxidant; it helps boost sexual health, enhance erection, and weigh down the ejaculation process.


Asparagus has many benefits, including improving heart health and acting as an antidepressant, because it improves sexual health in men and girls, and helps slow the ejaculation process.


A famous herb that has been used for several years it is often wont to treat ejaculation by consuming it after dissolving the capsule in lukewarm water. This herb has proven effective in treating ED and increasing the time men need before ejaculation. Vidalista 20 and Cenforce 200 is a fast way to treat ed


Ginseng has proven effective in enhancing men’s ability to possess an erection. It also helps treat ejaculation if it’s placed on the penis an hour before the beginning of intimate relationships.