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The strangest and most fashionable plastic surgery

Bust Enhancement
  Plastic surgery does not stand still – the beauty industry adjusts to consumer preferences, which in turn change depending on fashion. In the old days even surgeries like breast augmentation looked rather bizzar, but boy have we come a long way from those times. People are getting really out there with surgeries. For example now a days butt lifts are on the rise, no thanks to celebs like kardashian sisters.Here we will look at few of not so usual cosmetic surgeries.

Operation Cinderella

It’s not too much fun to wear high-heeled shoes, but what women can’t stand for the sake of beauty! Many ladies cannot imagine life without stilettos and walk on them, despite the pain in their feet. This is the target audience of plastic surgeons offering a surgery called Cinderella. On the big toe, what is commonly called a “bone” or “bump” is removed – scientifically it is hallux valgus, a very common painful change in the shape of the foot due to flat feet, narrow shoes or excess weight. Fillers or the patient’s own fat are pumped under the toes to create a kind of shock-absorbing pads that make walking in heels more comfortable. If you wish, you can narrow your foot a little and even shorten your toes. Complete perfectionists are also recommended to smooth out wrinkles on the feet with Botox. Doctors promise that four weeks after the surgery, “Cinderella” will happily ride in 12-centimeter heels.

Extra space

The gap between the inner thighs occurs only in very slender women (usually thin, but with a wide pelvis). It is not clear why, but it was this insignificant feature of the female physique that became a real beauty fetish back in 2014 (if you don’t believe it, check the hashtag #thighgap, it is super popular). And it cannot be obtained through exercise or diet – this area is difficult to correct. The Thigh Gap therapy came to the rescue – a course of cold laser procedures that soften the fat in the thighs and promotes its natural excretion from the body through the lymphatic system.

Clap your eyelashes

Once upon a time, eyelash transplantation was done only for those who really needed it: for example, those who received an extensive burn of the face. But now everyone can acquire a more effective frame for the mirror of the soul, and there are many of them. Eyelash transplantation, however, is still a very difficult and painstaking operation. But if it is done successfully, the result is impressive. The only “but” is that the eyelashes will have to be cut regularly, since the hair from the patient’s head is used for transplantation, which, naturally, can grow to an impressive length.

Tuning dignity

It’s not just women who go all out when it comes to “improving”. An operation called Ball Ironing is popular among men. Ball Ironing is a set of measures to rejuvenate the male genital area, namely the testicles. Includes, if necessary, the following options: surgical tightening and strengthening of the skin in this area, correction of any skin pigmentation disorders, laser hair removal. According to rumors, George Clooney was seduced by this procedure.

Breast for an hour is a hit of the future

Many women are happy with the size of their bust, but sometimes no, no, and even dream about more curvaceous forms, even for a day. For such patients, the Vacation Breasts operation is already being developed – breast augmentation with the help of filler injections. A temporary measure, according to plastic surgeons, will especially interest girls who go on vacation and want to look seductive in a bikini. Or, for example, brides who want to look especially sexy in a wedding dress with a neckline. In a few weeks, everything will return to normal, that is, fillers based on hyaluronic acid will dissolve naturally, and the bust will acquire its former, more modest volumes. Who needs a permanent boob job and the back pain that comes with it when one can get the temporary one. Unusual plastic surgery, as trendy as it may be, only accounts for a small share of the industry’s overall services market. Basically, experts say, clients ask for natural-looking results and want, of course, more prosaic things: to correct the shape of the nose or ears, to find harmony in the waist area. But there are always procedures for perfectionists who need eyelashes three millimeters longer or feet half a size smaller.