Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection – What should you know about this painful disease?

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Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common disease suffered mostly by women across the globe. This is basically a bacterial infection occurring in the urinary tract. Doctors say that UTI is a fatal disease and should be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, the infection may reach the kidney and create more health hazards.

What is a Urinary Tract Infection?

This is an infection caused in your urinary tract by microbes like bacteria. This includes the urethra, kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder.

Probable causes of urinary tract infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection happens when a bacteria reaches your urethra and creates infection.

The other probable causes of urinary tract infection are given below:

  • Kidney stone 
  • Diabetes
  • Enlarged prostate 
  • Past UTI history 
  • Bed rest for a long time 
  • Poor immune system 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Using catheters for a prolonged period 
  • A specific type of cancer

What are the different types of urinary tract infections?

Based on the region of occurrence, there are 3 types of UTI, and they are:

Urethritis: In this type of UTI, you may see a discharge when you pee. You may also experience a burning sensation. It usually occurs in the urethra.

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Cystitis: This occurs in the urinary bladder. Typical signs of cystitis include acute pain in your pelvic region and a constant urge to urinate. Usually, it hurts a lot when you pee. You can have bloody urine if the infection is severe.

Pyelonephritis: The area of occurrence is in the kidney. This kind of urinary tract infection is usually accompanied by fever, tremors, vomiting tendency, nausea, and sharp pain in the upper backside of your body.

What are the symptoms of urinary tract infection?

The most obvious symptoms of urinary tract infection are given below:

  • A burning sensation when you’re urinating
  • Acute pain at the time of urinating
  • Chronic pain in the lower part of the abdomen
  • Constant urge to urinate even though hardly anything comes out
  • Bad odor when you urinate
  • Severe fever when your kidney gets infected
  • Feeling tired and exhausted
  • Nausea and vomiting tendencies
  • Blood oozing out in the urine

Who is more likely to suffer from UTI?

If you compare men and women, then the latter is more likely to suffer from urinary tract infection. This is because women have a smaller urethra than men. Bacteria can easily enter the bladder due to this reason.

According to studies, 1 in 5 women is likely to suffer from a urinary tract infection at least once in their life.

Diabetic patients are likely to get infected quickly. Men with enlarged prostate glands can also get infected sometimes.

What should you do when you have UTI?

You should visit a gynecologist and explain your problem to the doctor. The gynecologist will ask you to do a urinalysis where your urine and blood cells will be tested to confirm your urinary tract infection.

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Before you go for urinalysis, make sure you ask the doctor about the right way to collect urine specimens.

Most likely, the gynecologist will prescribe a few antibiotics to you. Make sure you take medicines as instructed by the doctor. Otherwise, it will take a long time to recover fully from UTI.

What should you do to avoid urinary tract infection?

There are various precautionary steps you can take to avoid urinary tract infection. For instance, you can drink a glass of cranberry juice every day. It helps to stop recurring UTI. If you don’t get cranberry juice, then you can eat dried cranberries and other supplements. You can also take cranberry tablets if required.

Drink lots of water and fluids every day. Women have a tendency of avoiding bathrooms for a long time, which is very bad actually. It creates additional pressure on the urinary bladder.

Whenever you’re going to a public toilet, make sure you clean the commode with water before using it. You can also keep papers on the commode to prevent harmful germs from entering the urethra. Also, use an intimate hygiene wash twice every day, especially before having sex.

Always clean the front and back part of your intimate region properly so that bacteria can’t get a scope to attack your urethra.


Do you feel that you’re suffering from UTI? If so, then you should visit a gynecologist immediately. Don’t take antibiotics without consulting a gynecologist. Nowadays, many people search online to know about the antibiotics used for treating urinary tract infections. They take medicines to get immediate relief. But that is a very wrong step.

First of all, there are various types of antibiotics available nowadays. But all are not suitable for everyone. Plus, if you undergo urinalysis after taking antibiotics, then you won’t get the proper medical report. It would be tough for the gynecologist to make a proper diagnosis and conduct the right medical treatment.

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