Vegetables or Meat: What is More Beneficial For Your Health

Vegetables or Meat: What is More Beneficial For Your Health

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Each passing day we hear the news of people getting obese. The rate of obesity keeps rising, while some of us are worried, but unfortunately, most people ignore this fact due to their busy routine or laziness. You can call it whatever you want to. One thing that I have learned is that every problem has a solution. Well, if not every then most of them do have a solution.

In this case, the solution is to eat healthy foods. Here comes another question that what kind of food is healthy and contains several health benefits. There is always a fight between people who eat meat and those who prefer vegetables.

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The main point here should be that both of them are healthy and contain several health benefits. You just can’t compare two foods that are equally beneficial for your health. The only food that you shouldn’t eat is junk food. Such foods are not good for your health. Similarly, processed foods are also not good for your health.

Still, for the sake of argument, we will distinguish between meat and vegetables. Although I always prefer eating them both together because they contain so many nutrients its really unfair to compare them.


Vegetables or Meat: What is More Beneficial For Your Health

This is a vast category, we can include seafood, poultry, cows, and goats into this. Whether it is red meat or a normal one. All of them are rich in protein, collagen, vitamins, and minerals. Not every meat will contain the same amount of protein or nutrients, some people use meat to fulfill their need of collagen. While some use collagen peptides for the same reason.

Following are some of the foods that contain a high amount of protein, calcium, and other nutrients, these are vital for your body and perfect if you like working out and want to build muscles.||

  • Salmon Fish
  • Mackerel Fish
  • Chicken Breast
  • Beef
  • Duck meat
  • Rabbit meat

All of these mentioned above contain a good amount of protein that can help you in various ways. Now let’s talk about the health benefits that you can get by consuming meat on a daily or weekly basis.

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  • Improves Muscles Mass
  • Improves Strenght
  • Makes your bones strong
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Prevents bone-related issues
  • Helps in improving your brain health

These were some of the benefits that you can have by consuming meat. Although it is not preferable to consume meat on a daily basis, you can eat it after one day.


Similar to meat, veggies are also high in nutrition value. It contains vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, collagen, protein, calcium, and healthy fibers. Although the amount of nutrients is somehow less than meat.

People who don’t like to eat raw vegetables can always boil them and make vegetable broth. It contains the same amount of nutrients but the only difference is that you can drink it anytime you want. Veggies contain anti-oxidant properties that can help in reducing the inflammation of the body.

Inflammation can lead to many health issues that include GERD, indigestion, arthritis, and many other issues. To tackle these problems you have to consume vegetables. Although if you are underweight then consider eating starchy vegetables. If you are not then don’t eat them. Starchy veggies include potatoes and they are more likely to help in weight gain.

Following are the vegetables that you should eat:

  • Kale
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Ginger
  • Onion

These are some of the vegetables that should be a part of your diet. Now coming to the benefits of these vegetables.


  • Prevents GERD
  • Improves Vision
  • Helps with digestion
  • Keeps you full
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Helps with weight loss

These are some of its health benefits that you can get. Although there are many other benefits of consuming vegetables, once you start eating them you will notice them on your own.


Like I said before that comparing these two won’t be fair, both of them contain healthy nutrients and are better if consumed together. What I always prefer is to eat them together because meat has protein and vegetables got fiber. In order to absorb the protein, you need fiber. So this is why consuming both together is beneficial for your health.

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