winter season

What things should not be forgotten in the winter season



Winter is not a reason to give up high-quality and beautiful clothes. Even in the harsh winter frost, you can look stylish while maintaining your health. The main thing in this case is to correctly approach the composition of the wardrobe. You will learn how to choose the perfect set of things for the winter from our article.

General recommendations

Winter is characterized not only by a reduction in daylight hours, constant frosts, chapped lips. Lowering the temperature gives you the opportunity to hone your wardrobe skills. If earlier it seemed to us that comfort in winter depends solely on the number of things we put on, now we can adhere to the principle ” online replica lawn dresses.” We suggest you study the TOP 5 basic things for the winter season that will allow you to feel warm and emphasize your beauty even in cold weather.

Top 5 basic things for the winter

  1. Outerwear. Before the coming cold weather, you should stock up on good outerwear. This season, the parka and the quilted down coat, which can be with or without a hood, are still relevant. It is better to give preference to an elongated model that will look good with trousers, skirts, dresses. Lovers of classic style can choose a long drape coat. It is desirable that it be made of 100% wool and complete with lining.
  2. Dress . To stay feminine in cold weather, opt for a knee-length knit dress. It should be made of dense and soft jersey, which warms up pleasantly and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. The model can be equipped with a round or V-neck, stand-up collar or golf.
  3. Sweater. Every women’s dressing room should have a stock of warm sweaters and turtlenecks . This is the base from which you can create winning images. The sweater can be with a stand-up collar or a long golf, and when it is sewn, dense knitwear, cashmere or other natural fabrics should be used.
  1. Sweatshirts . To diversify a formal suit consisting of trousers and a jacket or a skirt and a jacket, combine it with different basic sweaters. They can also be with a round or V-neck, with buttons, with a boat neckline. Preferred are natural wool, cashmere or heavy knitwear.
  2. Trousers. Must-have for the coming and next winters – jeans with fleece or insulation inside. They can be worn in winter, cool autumn or spring. It is better to choose blue, monochromatic models without decor and scuffs. Winter trousers should have a classic straight silhouette. Preferred items made of wool or mixed materials in black, gray or dark blue. One such pair in a winter wardrobe will 50% solve the problem of what to wear to work.

How to create a monochrome look: 5 simple rules

Do you want to create images that are harmonious and unique in their power of influence? Then we will help you learn how to choose the right clothes by color. One of the most effective techniques is a monochrome image – a combination in which things of different shades of the same color are collected. It is recognized as a fashionable constant that never ceases to amaze fashionistas and fashionistas. In this article, we will reveal the simple secrets of making an exceptional solid color bow. Rules for composing monochrome images

Rule # 1. Adhere to the principle of unity and struggle of opposites.

When composing an image based on one color, you should not be afraid to use opposite shapes and textures. Volumetric details can be combined with tight-fitting, rough textures with smooth, thin with rough, soft with hard, matte with shiny, long with short. This will create an interesting kit that you will want to constantly review.

Rule # 2. Start small

If you’re still wary of total bows, find a comfortable zone for yourself. To begin with, you can try to compose images from simple dark colors – black, dark gray, dark blue. Due to the deep range, they are less conspicuous and look harmonious. In addition, in every women’s store, you can find different items in these basic colors. An excellent addition to such a set will be one accessory in metallic color or another bright shade.

Rule # 3. Use neutral scales.

Bright color combinations are suitable for holidays or social events. In everyday life, it is better to use neutral colors. The image, completely sustained in beige, gray, black, always looks stylish and expensive. It emphasizes natural tan, hair beauty, make-up. You just need to be more careful with white, which can be capricious in care and selection. It has many variations, differing in the degree of whiteness. Separately, they look the same white, the difference is only felt when combined.

Rule # 4. Experiment with color

After practicing on the basic shades, you can start adding bright colors to your wardrobe. After all, composing a monochrome image does not mean that you need to dress from head to toe in black, white or beige. Sets in green, purple, blue, red or even pink can look no less impressive. But accessories for them should be simple and concise.

Rule # 5. Use accessories

So that a monophonic image does not look boring, it needs to be slightly diluted with bright spots. They can be accessories, bags, hats, glasses. In this case, it is worth considering where you are going – to a friendly party, work, to a bar or theater. For maximum comfort, it is better to choose accessories designed in the same style. For work and study, basic jewelry is suitable, for a date – romantic and feminine, for a club – dramatic, for gatherings with friends – ethnic.