What to do with marriage and this is not about marriage.

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Many organizers are afraid of marriage. The procurement participants (hereinafter referred to as bonds) are even more afraid of him, but not worth it. Let’s see why.

There are not so many real factory defects and it is protected by consumer rights, which we are. The supplier changes such a marriage, without problems, because he must and must.

ATTENTION! An important part

. Carefully read the contract with the supplier, if you have one, or the public offer agreement on the supplier’s website, or ask this question to the manager before opening the purchase, in what TIME you must return the marriage, in what form (tags, branded bags, labels, boxes and so on, all this must be in place and complete). Clothes should not be worn. You need to fix the same condition in the purchase! And also, at whose expense the return of the marriage (usually the supplier takes these costs on himself, but it will not be superfluous to clarify) The factory was returned.

What to do if a defect happened on the way, or rather, the order was damaged during transportation. If you saw damage while picking up your cargo from the shopping center (mail, courier, etc.), we act according to the rules of the carrier . You can see this if your packaging is damaged, very i-131 processing time, torn, wet. You need to call the claim department (a representative from the TC or any other delivery service) to open your cargo with him and then they will tell you what documents you need to fill out and how to compensate for damage. Next, we decide with your bond whose order was damaged – we give him compensation from the transport.

The most difficult case

is if you took your cargo whole and beautiful to the shopping center, brought it, began to disassemble it, and then half of it was “crumpled” . To begin with, we write to the supplier of “ayaya” an e-mail in which you describe the problem: “When opening the cargo, you found a broken / broken / torn / cracked”. Photos are sure to be attached. Adequate suppliers offer to reimburse the entire cost or partially, next time they pack, of course, of better quality, or offer additional packaging in the form of flight, crate, bubble wrap (this leads to an increase in the cost of transport costs). They may offer to send the same items in your next order at their expense. It happens that they offer to give it for repair and fully reimburse the cost of repair by check. In any case, the problem was solved positively.

ATTENTION! An important part.

 Necessarily! We write a notification to the uzu about what happened BEFORE we gave the order to him. First, a person can say – I don’t need to return a damaged order. Why then the order will travel back and forth from you to him and back. Secondly, that he would be mentally prepared for what he sees when he receives it, and after your proposal to resolve this issue, he will no longer be so upset.

There are not conscientious suppliers who are reluctant to accept a marriage

(not a factory one, I repeat, they are obliged to accept this) or who do not work with it at all (I advise you not to deal with such). You wrote to the supplier and outlined the problem, but he made a “tail” and does not go to a meeting. What to do? We decide individually. First, we estimate the damage in money. If the amount is not large, I usually return the entire amount to the uzu and close the question and the purchase (if appropriate). If the amount is very significant, and the damage is not significant, I can offer to return my organizational fee or / and another part of the order amount. In general, we improvise and no longer work with this supplier.

And the last case

the order was damaged from you to the end . This usually happens either by the person who drove the order to the point of issue or by the person who works at the point of issue. Let’s analyze it using the example of the site   on this site of the joint venture there are sorting lists. One copy is taken by the courier, the second copy is taken by the pick-up point. When the courier picks up from you, putting a signature in the statement, he confirms that he received everything in a marketable condition.

And the same thing happens at the point of issue, they also sign orders from him. If one of the receiving parties sees damage, there will be a mark in the statement (from that and the demand). When opening a new point of issue and accepting a courier for delivery, this must be agreed with them orally or in a contract! (applies to site owners / admins). It often happens that uz has received an order and writes to you: “oh, I have it broken / broken.” Both the courier and the pickup point deny that they did it. On our site, we then divide into three, the courier, the organizer and the curator of the pick-up point. Why Orga too? Pack better gentlemen. That’s all. )