What Types of Treatments Available for Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is no longer a serious sexual issue for males. This single fact testifies the treatment options that are available to males.  Both medical and non medical, traditional and herbal based methods are in the market.

The shortest and quickest way to gain control over erectile dysfunction is using a dose of any erectile dysfunction medicine. A Viagra 150 mg dose is enough to overcome moderate to higher degree of erectile dysfunction. A male will never find erectile issue distracting him from sex in next 5 hours. In addition to this, there are several traditional ways and non medication methods to deal with the erectile issue. Let us see.

Latest treatment options

Shock wave therapy

The shock wave therapy tries to stimulate the blood vessels to increase blood flow towards the penis. The shock waves are directed at the strategic points to stimulate the flow of blood. These waves are the similar ways that are used in treatment of kidney stones.

Blood plasma therapy

Blood of the male with erectile dysfunction is used to rejuvenate the penis. The blood is taken and plasma is injected into the base of the penis. It makes the penis stronger, increases its girth, and gives a new strength to the penis. The impact of the therapy lasts up to a year.

Medicines for erectile dysfunction

Besides Viagra there are other branded medicines to overcome erection issue instantly. One such medicine is Cialis 60 mg. it is structurally different from others, as its impact period is a long 36 hours cover. It means that you can get erection whenever you like in next 36 hours after swallowing the tablet.

It gives the joy of spontaneous sex, as you do not have to swallow a tablet immediately.  However, it also means that chemical of the medicine stays in your body for longer hours. The males who are on medication for any medical ailment need to consult the doctor before using such a long duration drug. Also the long duration could be problem for older males.

Vacuum tubes

Along with erectile dysfunction medicines, the vacuum tubes are the instant solution to erectile dysfunction.  The best thing about tubes is that without medicine a male gets a hard erection for one sexual session. The vacuum inside the tube draw blood into the penis. The vacuum is created with the penis inside the tube.  Just few minutes before sex, one gets a hard penile erection.

Herbs and use of herbal products

Mild to moderate erectile issue is cured successfully by herbs. Herbs are available online and offline. Ginseng, gingko, yohimbe, horny goat weed are some of these herbs. But these need to be consumed for several weeks before some result is achieved.

Natural home based remedies

First step is change in diet. Cut down on smoking, drinking, and junk food. Increase intake of green vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, wholegrain bread, fish, eggs and citrus fruit. Use herbs in twice a day with milk or water as recommended by the physician.  Taking soaked black gram in the morning will increase energy, stamina and cure all digestion issues.

Start an exercise regimen to keep weight under check. Obesity is one of the sources of lifestyle diseases and these curb the sexual life of a male. Never allow diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issue or any health issues enter your life.

Give equal importance to mental health

Mind plays an important part in sexual health of a male or female. Any emotional issue, anxiety, depression, or relationship problem distracts from intimate life. Spending time with the partner, keeping communication channels open always, and investing in intimacy helps in long run. You can also perform some relaxation techniques suited to your lifestyle. In fact, using an ED drug like fildena 100mg to keep intimacy alive is a good option.

Use ED medicines occasionally

In mid years sex is a great physical and mental relaxation. Use a lower dose like Levitra 40 mg before the session and increase physical and mental benefits for enhanced intimacy. Avoid any medicine for next 24 hours.