When Drinking Coffee What Is Your Sensitivity Level?

When Drinking Coffee What Is Your Sensitivity Level?

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Effects of Drinking Coffee – Are you among the millions of people who actively drink coffee? Or even coffee lover maniacs? Coffee has now become a lifestyle for several groups. But, did you know, now coffee drinkers are grouped into three? As reported by Kompas, according to a research report conducted by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, this grouping is based on the body’s sensitivity to caffeine. This grouping was obtained after the researchers observed how the body’s metabolism of caffeine. In addition, they also observed differences in the influence of caffeine on each person. The researchers found that there are two main genetic factors that influence how a person responds to caffeine. These two factors are the speed at which the liver processes the compound and how the central nervous system reacts to its stimulating effects.

As a result, they divided coffee drinkers into the following three groups.

High sensitivity to caffeine

Coffee drinkers in this group have slower liver metabolism. In addition, a strong effect is also seen in the central nervous system when consuming caffeine. When people in this group consume only a small amount of caffeine will have a stimulating effect. If you consume in higher doses, sleep problems usually occur and so on.

Moderate / ordinary sensitivity to caffeine

People in this group have a balance between the inactivation of caffeine in the liver and the central nervous system. Consumption of two to five cups of coffee a day does not create an adverse reaction on the body or sleep cycle. Even so, coffee consumption at night is still not recommended because it might lead to “not being able to sleep”.

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Low sensitivity to caffeine

Coffee drinkers in this group have a fast metabolism of caffeine in the liver. Therefore, despite consuming a lot of coffee, it has no effect on the body or its sleep cycle. Drinking coffee before going to bed or while watchonlinemovies also won’t keep people in this group awake all night. Our genetic program controls our reaction to caffeine, just like programming our hair and eyes, “continued the pharmacology lecturer at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Medicine. Langer noted that people in groups of three must still not consume caffeine beyond the recommended daily limit. The upper limit that seems safe for most healthy adults is 400 milligrams of caffeine per day, equivalent to about four to five cups of coffee brewed. The report also shows that health professionals must consider all three of these sensitivities before giving advice on a person’s caffeine intake.

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