Why One Should Prefer Invisalign Over Braces

Why One Should Prefer Invisalign Over Braces?


Gone are the days of using traditional aligners to fix dental issues from crowding, spacing & bite imperfections. Today a trip to your dentist will seem more welcoming with a new option for teeth aligning called invisalign. It is a set of teeth aligners which are invisible and made of a certain kind of plastic that does the work of braces minus all the discomfort. Continuing with the same idea, find the best benefits that reasons choosing invisalign over braces.

More comfortable & pain-free

One of the top benefits of choosing Invisalign Essex is that it is more comfortable when compared with braces. They are smooth and free from wires that can cause cuts and nicks to the inner side of lips and cheeks, causing sores and discomfort to the mouth. Plus, one doesn’t have to struggle with food stucking in between the teeth that may seem pretty messy.

Invisible and hence more convenient

Invisalign are invisible alternatives to the wiry, hard and painful braces. Therefore, the wearer doesn’t have to feel shy but stay as confident as they were before about themselves.

No dietary changes

Unlike in braces which involves restrictions in eating foods which are hard to

chew or stickier. However, with invisalign you don’t have to change your food habits as one can simply take them out while eating any food they like and wear them after finishing and cleaning teeth.

Doesn’t require frequent trips to dentist

Braces require frequent visits to their dental doctors for tightening the wires. With invisible aligners come multiple sets of aligners that one can change by self without visiting the dentist.

Can see the changes faster

In wearing braces, one may have to wait until the complete treatment is over to see the final result. Invisalign requires changing and wearing a new set of alignments between the treatment couple of times. With each new set, one can see the changes in their teeth alignment and experience a better healthier smile.

Easier to maintain

Since they don’t come with wires and protruding parts, they can be easily removed, clean and put back into the mouth. They don’t require much maintenance and are a healthier alternative to braces.

They are more attractive, aren’t metal (hence hard & painful) and don’t make one self-conscious as they many people will not even notice that you are wearing them. Not only does invisalign offer comfort benefits but are also healthy since gaps in tooth give breeding space to bacteria causing bad breath.